Stop Carrying Around Neck Pillows While Traveling, and Get a Napper!

I’ve always been a fan of hoodies and sweats, and although it’s a bit too warm right now to wear them, I tend to wear them in my house quite often. When I fly as well, I enjoy having something comfortable around my head and there’s nothing more comfortable than a hoodie.

But what about a scarf that just happens to have a hood?

This is what I had the chance to take a look at with the Napper multipurpose hoodie/scarf. Knowing that I had a trip up North, I was actually pretty happy to know I’d be flying in style with a black and red hoodie made by the company. One thing I always hated about hoodies though is even though they are comfy and give me that secluded feeling once I’ve put the hood itself on, is the fact that I have to pull it over my head. Which on a plane could pretty much be a pain to whomever is sitting beside you on whichever form of public transportation you decide to take.

Stop Carrying Around Neck Pillows While Traveling, and Get a Napper!

The Napper is a wide cut fabric that’s hoody is just perfect. I’ve gone through plenty of hoodies and the one place they all fail me is the actual padding in the hoods. Typically you wear a hoodie for the comfort in the arms and at your body, but the Napper has great padding in the hood itself, which was perfect since I hate carrying around those plane neck pillows. Although they have more cushion, I was happy that the Napper allowed me to rest my head comfortably on the window on my flight without needing that neck noose.

Stop Carrying Around Neck Pillows While Traveling, and Get a Napper!

Another added bonus to the Napper was the fact that it has BLUETOOTH HEADPHONES. Like, who thinks about these things? Although the headphones themselves aren’t Bose, or anything like the sort, the headphones themselves are actually integrated into the hood itself which may or may not make washing it once it gets dirty a big thing. There’s a method you can use of course to take the headphones out, but I’m pretty clumsy (and lazy) when it comes to trying to thread cords back into their slots, just like I would a drawstring on a pair of shorts… it’s just a pain that I’d rather not deal with. But the buds themselves are covered in Sorbothane which Napper says is noise absorbing, so I tested them, and they indeed do cancel out noise to a certain extent.

Stop Carrying Around Neck Pillows While Traveling, and Get a Napper!

These headphones wouldn’t block out the noise of a flight attendant over the loudspeaker unless you have the volume on your device all the way up, but little white noises like someone snoring beside you, like the lady sitting behind me over the weekend, I couldn’t hear at all. The Bluetooth headphones come with LED lights so you know when it’s time for them to be charged. Luckily for me, Napper charged the buds fully when shipping and my flight went without a hitch, going and coming.

Stop Carrying Around Neck Pillows While Traveling, and Get a Napper!

My black and red Napper came to me already pre-folded to turn into a compact bag that was resembling that of a wrapped up blanket. When unwrapped you might be a bit confused as to how you’d put the actual Napper on. It’s more simple than it looks. What you do is just wrap it around your shoulders like you would a jacket, one arm, then the next. Once you so this there’s one of two ways you can wear the Napper: like a scarf like the picture of the women which is comfortable if you only want to keep your head and neck warm.

Stop Carrying Around Neck Pillows While Traveling, and Get a Napper!

I however liked the method of using the pocket feature which left both pockets in front of me. That way instead of having to dig into my pockets by shimmying in my seat, the phone sat right there in my lap, and since the Napper’s pockets are pretty deep, it felt more secure than sitting in that sleeve in front of my seat, or worse… in between my legs in my seat.

Overall, the Napper is a product that I see myself using on every trip now, as it’s more compact than toting around that neck pillow, and it’s way more comfortable. To some it may seem a bit much though. “Why would I want a scarf with a hood”. My answer to you is, sure, a scarf protects your neck, but nothing says “don’t bother me” like a hoodie. And the Napper does a damn good job at getting that point across. If all else fails, you can not only use the hoodie as a cushion, but when folded it doubles as a hoodie pillow which is so plush, you might actually drool on it.

At only $58, the Napper is available in a few different colors that appeal to both men and women. Get yourself one today.

Source: Manufacturer Supplied review unit

What I like: The comfort of the hoody is great and the pockets are nice and deep for resting hands in for a long flight.

What Needs Improvement: I’d personally like to see a bit more colors than just the green, red and black. Variety can sometimes be a good thing.

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