PhoneSoap Is the Device for the Inner Germophobe in Us All

You’d be surprised how dirty your phone truly is. Most of us take our smartphones with us everywhere. The doctor, your kitchen, the bathroom. You can only imagine how disgusting half of the places you take your phone, then right after put it to your ears and mouth to make a call. Our bodies can only take so much. 

This is where the PhoneSoap comes into play. It is essentially labeled a “phone sanitizer”, which, you guessed it… cleans your cell phones. Now just to be clear, this isn’t a liquid based device, and it’s not your typical “take a Lysol wipe to your screen to get it clean”. A lot of germs are the types that you cannot visibly see with the naked eye. Enter the PhoneSoap.

PhoneSoap Is the Device for the Inner Germophobe in Us All

I had an extended family member recently have their phone in their back pocket while in the restroom, which is already a mistake. So for lack of better words lets just say, when they finished handling their business, their smartphone went for a swim. After sitting it in rice for an hour, sure the phone worked perfectly fine again, but you can only imagine how filthy that phone had been. Luckily this was a home toilet and not a public one. (I’m sure I’m not the only person who’s stood at the urinal with my phone in hand and said “if this thing drops I’ll never touch it again.”)

Distressing, the PhoneSoap opens up like a clamshell, and once open, shows a UV or ultraviolet lamp in the center. It’s grooved edges help to sanitize the entire device. Here’s the catch, if you have a phablet sized phone like my iPhone 6 Plus, or even anything over 5 inches, you won’t have much luck placing your phone in it. Okay, lets just say, it won’t work as the lid must be closed in order to work.

PhoneSoap Is the Device for the Inner Germophobe in Us All

As you can see, my iPhone 6 Plus didn’t make the cut.

After you plug in the power adapter to the wall, there will be a blue LED light that comes on showing that the PhoneSoap is ready. Self explanatory and pretty straight forward. Once the sanitizing is complete the light dims notifying you that the deed is done. The process isn’t boring either. It took about 6 minutes for my family member’s iPhone 5s that suffered a case of “dumping” to be sanitized.

If you are concerned that your phone battery will drain that much in six minutes, PhoneSoap also doubles as a battery charger so it may charge through a compartment at the end of the gadget. It comes with a micro-USB cable, however you can always go ahead and use your own cable how you see fit. I used a standard Lightning Cable, as well as my favorite pink Scosche FLATOUT cable and both registered fine. The UV Rays I’ve been told by a rep for PhoneSoap will not affect the cable at all.

PhoneSoap Is the Device for the Inner Germophobe in Us All

Instructions on the box state that you can take the phone out at anytime if you feel the need to use it, but why can’t you put your device down for a phone minute and get rid of all of those harmless, invisible germ things? Especially with allergies being an all-year thing, your phone is exposed to pretty much everything. While I cannot personally use the PhoneSoap, due to my phone not fitting it, if you have a smaller smartphone, or hell, even a pair of earbuds that you want sanitized, I’m certain that it will clean those as well as long as it fits. I tried.

PhoneSoap Is the Device for the Inner Germophobe in Us All

The iPhone 5s fits perfectly fine however!


Overall the PhoneSoap is something that I’d personally set somewhere in the open (not the bathroom, because that defeats the purpose), but if you have a random spot at your desk, or somewhere in an open space, sit the PhoneSoap there in confidence and attempt to sanitize your phone at least once a month. You’ll thank yourself in the long run. And at $49.95, if you happen to have a case of germophobia, this is certainty is an added piece of mind.

Source: Manufacturer supplied unit

What I like: Sanitizes pretty quickly

What Needs Improvement: There needs to be a version to seat the iPhone 6 Plus and larger smartphones

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