Noreve Tradition D for iPhone 5 Case Review

Noreve Tradition D for iPhone 5 Case

Noreve offers some of the most beautiful leather device cases available. Their Tradition D case for the Apple iPhone 5 is no exception. Made from “top quality handcrafted leather”, the Noreve Tradition D has a thermoplastic polymer inner structure to hold your iPhone in place while the leather provides a soft, classy look and feel. That means you get all the protection you want without fear of any signal interference.

Noreve Tradition D for iPhone 5

The Noreve Tradition D for iPhone 5 has an “easy-to-close” cover that stays shut without the need for a magnetic or snap closure. If you have used a case with either a magnet or a snap you know how nice it is to get the security of a cover that stays closed without the need for either of these two mechanisms. Not only is the leather used for the cover padded for extra protection but it also has three strategically placed cutouts. What are they for? Watch out video at the end of this review to find out!

Noreve Tradition D for iPhone 5

The Noreve Tradition D for iPhone 5 protects all sides of the iPhone 5. Along one side there is nothing but the protection of the case. As you can see the case offers nice clean lines and doesn’t add unneeded bulk to the slim, light phone. The other side of the Noreve Tradition D for iPhone 5 has a cutout for the mute toggle and volume up and down buttons. The opening is just large enough to offer complete access to the buttons without exposing too much of the phone’s side.

Noreve Tradition D for iPhone 5

The bottom of the Noreve Tradition D for iPhone 5 offers complete access to the 3.5mm headphone jackal as well as the speaker, microphone and Lightning connector. The leather connecting the two parts of the case is securely sewn to both and promises to hold up to extended use rather nicely.

Noreve Tradition D for iPhone 5

The back of the case leaves the camera, microphone and flash exposed so you won’t see any loss of functionality when using the iPhone 5 in the Noreve Tradition D case. It also features two slots for business cards, credit cards or a driver’s license. It is a great feature for anyone who wants to head out for the night and only carry their phone! I can’t see using any of these case-as-wallet designs on a daily basis but can imagine it coming in rather handy from time to time.

Noreve Tradition D for iPhone 5

Of course, the standout feature of the Noreve Tradition D for iPhone 5 is the design of the front cover. It has three cutouts. One leaves the speaker exposed so you can speak on the phone without flipping the cover down. The second lets you see the date and time or the person calling when the phone rungs. The last leave open the “slide to answer” portion of the screen. This lets you take a call when one comes in. Here’s a video look at the case in action…

The Noreve Tradition D for iPhone 5 isn’t for everyone. If you are looking for a thin, light, inexpensive case for your iPhone 5 keep looking. If, however, you love leather, want to protect your iPhone and like the idea of being able to answer and take a call without opening the case this is a great option. You can learn more from the product page.

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MSRP: $65.28

What I Like: Gorgeous leather; Nicely protective; All cutouts are accessible; You can take calls without opening the case

What Needs Improvement: Unable to activate Home button through the case; Some portions of the screen remain open and potential vulnerable at all times; $65

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