Starbucks Makes the Dog Days of Summer Taste a Bit Better #CoffeePassion

Starbucks Makes the Dog Days of Summer Taste a Bit Better
Right before I left for a few weeks of travel I received my next Starbucks Bloggers Box. This time it was filled with some tasty Starbucks summer treats. It also included an awesome picnic basket and patterned picnic throw but the real stars of the show were the various coffees. Lets run down what was in the box.

Starbucks Iced Coffee

Starbucks Makes the Dog Days of Summer Taste a Bit Better
First up was the Starbucks Iced Coffee. It has just a bit of sweetness and comes in a glass container. Simply chill, pop open the top and enjoy. In a word… yum.

Starbucks Makes the Dog Days of Summer Taste a Bit Better
As the company explains:

Some coffee beans were born to be chilled. These beans and just the right touch of sweetness create a crisp, refreshing taste. It’s the perfect way to stay cool all year long.

Learn more here.

Starbucks Bottled Frappuccino Coffee Drink

Starbucks Makes the Dog Days of Summer Taste a Bit Better
The company kicks things up a notch with their Starbucks Bottled Frappuccino Coffee Drink. This is a blend of coffee and low-fat milk that also comes in a glass container. That means it too is ready to be chilled and enjoyed whenever, and wherever your summer plans take you.

As the company notes:

Ladies and gentlemen, Exhibit A: evidence that bliss can, indeed, be bottled. A contemporary classic, our bottled Frappuccino® coffee drink offers the bold, delicious taste of coffee and real milk, blended together to create pure perfection. This low-fat indulgence is proof that you can enjoy a little Starbucks wherever you may be. Find it at your local grocery or convenience store.

There are a few different flavors from which to choose.

Starbucks Makes the Dog Days of Summer Taste a Bit Better
Learn more here.

Starbucks Doubleshot Energy Coffee Drink

Starbucks Makes the Dog Days of Summer Taste a Bit Better
If you really want to get the most out of your on-the-go Starbucks coffee drink you might want to check out the Starbucks Doubleshot Energy Coffee Drink. It is a combination of brewed espresso, B vitamins, guarana, ginseng and natural milk proteins. It offers that mid-afternoon coffee pick-me-up plus the added benefit and energy of vitamin B, guarana and ginsing. Perhaps best of all, it tastes awesome!

As they explains:

Got time for midday nap? No? Then grab a can of Starbucks Doubleshot® Energy Coffee and stay alert. Not just coffee and not just energy, this smooth, great-tasting powerful blend is jolted by B vitamins, guarana and ginseng. It’s all zap, no nap.

The ingredients of this coffee drink are a bit more extensive and include:

starbucks coffee (water, coffee), reduced fat milk, skim milk, sugar, natural flavor, maltodextrin, dextrose, taurine, cellulose gel, panax ginseng root extract, cellulose gum, inositol, sodium ascorbate , guarana (paullinia cupana) seed extract, niacinamide, sucralose, ascorbic acid (vitamin c), tricalcium phosphate, pyridoxin hydrochloride (vitamin b6), riboflavin, vitamin a palmitate, vitamin d3.

Learn more here.

Starbucks Iced K-Kups

Starbucks Makes the Dog Days of Summer Taste a Bit Better
As someone who loves his Kuerig coffee machine I was pleased they saw fit to include two boxes of their new Starbucks Iced K-Kups. This coffee is meant to be made quickly, served over ice and, because it is iced coffee, it has just a bit of sweetness.

As they explain:

Meet our new iced coffee for K-Cup® packs. Each cup is specially formulated, using a proprietary process, to be brewed over ice. Born from our café-inspired coffees, every sip gives you full flavor with cane sugar.

And because this is a new product they are trying to promote, they are currently offering savings on the new K-Cups. Interested in trying them? Click here for details on how you can save.

You can learn more here.

Classic Starbucks Cold Cup with Straw

Starbucks Makes the Dog Days of Summer Taste a Bit Better
Finally, in addition to the picnic basket and picnic throw, thanks Starbucks!!, they included one of their Classic Starbucks Cold Cup. It is, “A sturdy, 16-fl oz clear plastic Cold Cup with double wall construction, updated Siren logo and reusable straw.” This is truly the iconic Starbucks Cold Cup. and I love it!

The cup is just under $9:

Featuring our updated Siren logo, this sturdy, BPA-free plastic version is the perfect way to enjoy your favorite iced or blended beverages. The reusable cup’s double wall construction helps keep your iced tea or coffee cool, and its reusable ridged straw is hard to lose. Intended for cold beverages only, dishwasher safe. This 16-fl oz Cold Cup is also available in 12- and 24-fl oz sizes, dome lid purchased separately.

In all I am a big fan of these drinks. I love Starbucks coffee and being able to enjoy it as a summertime drink at home and on the go is hugely convenient. No, some of these drinks aren’t ideal if you are on a serious diet but het, it is summer after all and summer is all about good times and good taste. These definitely deliver the latter and, with that extra bit of Starbucks jolt, you’ll be better equipped for the former.

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