Just Mobile USB-C AluCables: The Best Cables You Can Buy


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If you’ve bought a MacBook or any of the other new tablets and Laptops that include a USB Type-C connector, you may have noticed that this new connector is very versatile. USB Type-C can be inserted from either direction, and it allows you to transfer data at ridiculously fast speeds and charge your device through the same connector.

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I was sent two of Just Mobile’s new USB Type-C cables; one of them is a 6.5′ long USB-C to USB-C sync and charge cable, and the other is a handy 6″ USB-C to USB (3.1) sync and charge cable.

Let’s take a look at each …

The first is the 6.5′ long USB-C to USB-C sync and charge AluCable.

Designed to connect USB-C devices such as the new Apple MacBook and its charger, this stylish cable allows speedy charging and data transfer at a staggering 480Mbps.

Like all AluCables, this one has a nice, thick black flexible cable with an aluminum finished plug on each end. I’ve been using AluCables for some time with my iOS devices, and I’ve yet to have one fray or fail; they are that well made.

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If you have a Macbook, you can replace the cable that it shipped with for this more substantial cable. If you have a battery pack with a Type-C connector, you could use it to charge your laptop.

Just Mobile Type-C Alu Cable 2

The Just Mobile 6.5′ long USB-C to USB-C sync and charge AluCable is $29.95.

The 6″ USB-C to USB (3.1) sync and charge AluCable is one that I suspect most MacBook owners would love to own; it turns your Type-C port into a standard USB port …

3-Just Mobile USB-C AluCables.35

… perfect for syncing or charging your phone.

Just Mobile Alu Cable

Running the USB 3.1 standard, this 15cm-long adapter can transfer data at up to 5Gbps while charging devices with a powerful 3A current.

It’s also handy if you have a battery pack with a Type-C port, as it will allow you to charge devices that use a typical cable from that port.

Again, the cable is thick, black, and flexible with an aluminum finished plug on each end.

The 6″ USB-C to USB (3.1) sync and charge AluCable is $19.95.

If you own a device that uses USB Type-C to charge, both of these cables would be a great addition to your arsenal.

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