Braven’s BRV-Pro Bluetooth Speaker Is the All-Terrain Speaker You Should Have

There are a lot of dainty beautiful Bluetooth speakers out there on the market today, but you need something a bit more rugged if you’re going to close out the summer at the beach or poolside, something that will take a splash and keep on going. So when I first unboxed the Braven BRV-PRO, I was actually pretty excited.

The industrial-looking Braven BRV-PRO is a rugged Bluetooth speaker that not only is a tough High-definition audio speaker, it’s just overall beautiful. I received the all black model with red accents which looks pretty nice. The Pro is made of an aircraft grade aluminum with additional black rubber and plastic.  The outdoor speaker is a tough one, as it’s not only IPX7 rated, which means it will be able to be submerged up to 1 meter of water for thirty minutes. Now the Pro is over a pound in total weight, so I wouldn’t personally go full snorkel with it. Braven states that the speaker itself can handle random splashing, and while it’s able to handle rain, water jets and being able to attach  to surfboards.

Braven's BRV-Pro Bluetooth Speaker Is the All-Terrain Speaker You Should Have

With over 100 ft. Bluetooth range, and a 2200mAh battery, the Pro can also charge up your smartphone a little bit if you need it to. Measuring at 1.5 by 2.8 by 6.4 inches, the speaker grill surprised me a bit as it’s actually on the front of the Braven and not at the top. So when I first set the speaker down at the pool, I had the grille down flat on a surface. Easy mistake to make when you’re excited about using it.

Braven's BRV-Pro Bluetooth Speaker Is the All-Terrain Speaker You Should Have

There are four buttons at the top of the Braven BRV-Pro that control the speakers power, volume/song selection, and pairing the device itself. One little added touch to the Pro is the seal at the back which once open expose a charging input for the speaker, a 1amp charging output for smartphones, an audio-in port, a reset button, and a battery level button with five LED lights that indicate the current battery state.

Braven's BRV-Pro Bluetooth Speaker Is the All-Terrain Speaker You Should Have

Braven estimates that the Pro’s battery life is about 15 hours, but that’s considering how long you play your tunes, the volume, and I think sitting out in the sun might cut the battery life in half. There are extra accessories that will add not only bulk, but features to the BRV-PRO, at an additional cost. This is where the advantages come into play with this speaker. If you bike often, you’ll know that the BRV-PRO can be secured and mounted to your bike, or surfboard with the additional $15 mount that works with not just the Pro, but for action cams as well. For an extra $50, you can also have a solar charger for it so you will never worry about that 15 hours. There’s also a rechargeable battery pack, and plates that double your audio quality. I did not have an opportunity to test these accessories since they were not included in the package that I received.

Braven's BRV-Pro Bluetooth Speaker Is the All-Terrain Speaker You Should Have

Being able to be paired with iOS and Android devices, the BRV-PRO was a showstopper at this year’s CES, and it lives up to the hype now as I carry it to the beach, the pool, and even in the restroom when I shower. I highly recommend this speaker, even if you do not want the extras, I know I did not. At $150, the audio quality is top-notch, and with a price lower that some of its biggest competition, the BRV-PRO is easily my favorite Bluetooth speaker on the market.

Purchase the BRV-PRO today.

Source: Manufacturer supplied review unit

What I like: The overall rugged feel of the speaker coupled by being waterproof

What Needs Improvement: I feel like they should offer the option to purchase all of the additional accessories with the speaker for a steep discount, say $200

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