Braven BRV-X/2 Is Ready for Winter Adventures

We’ve followed Braven from the company’s first appearance on the scene. Back then they were a small company looking to make their mark in the crowded Bluetooth speaker market. They succeeded. The company, now owned by ZAGG, continues to innovate. Their latest? The Braven BRV -X/2. It’s small, gets great battery life and is tough as nails for under $100.

The BRAVEN 105 Is a Small Speaker That’s Built to Go Places

Over the past few years, we’ve reviewed a number of speakers from BRAVEN. INCIPIO’s acquisition of the brand clearly hasn’t slowed the pace of development. If anything, the exact opposite has happened, and there are a host of new products being rolled out. The BRAVEN 105 is the first of three we’ll be looking at in this review series.

The Braven BRV-X Serves Up Music Outside and In

August has just begun,  and that means there’s still plenty of outside time left before the cold arrives. If you want to bring your music with you into the great outdoors, you owe it to yourself to check out the weather-ready Braven BRV-X Bluetooth speaker. It’s designed to serve up great music no matter where you are, inside or out.

Braven LUX HD Wireless Speaker Review: A Most Elegant Audio Source

Looking suspiciously like an evening clutch that I would love to own, the new Braven LUX HD Wireless Speaker is much more than a fashionable portable sound system. Measuring 6.5″ long x 2.6″ wide x 21.8″ deep, this 11.8 ounce speaker offers 12 hours continuous battery life and it can even top-off your phone’s battery.

It Might Be Bulletproof Also! Braven Announces the BRV-Pro

Earlier this year, Braven debuted the BRV-Pro, the first rugged, eco-friendly bluetooth speaker at the Las Vegas CES. Known for their durability and designs, Braven released the BRV-Pro with a lot of fanfare. Sporting up to 20 hours of battery life on a single charge, as well as a solar charging panel battery bank, and a lantern-like glow deck, you get the feeling this tank-like speaker is geared for outdoor enthusiasts. Braven plans to blow the competition out of the water, literally. Sporting HD Sounds, and a powerful bass, the BRV-Pro is the first of its kind with a IPX7…

Braven Mira is Round, Loud, and Ready to Hang Out with Your Music

I love that my Sony Xperia Z2 is completely waterproof; I even threw it into my mother’s pool the other day to prove it to my niece and nephew! And if your phone is waterproof, shouldn’t your speaker be, too? The Braven Mira is round, gets quite loud and, perhaps most interestingly, it has an IPX5 water-resistant rating.

Incipio and Braven Sitting in a Tree…

Incipio is known for making a wide assortment of devices cases. Braven is known for making a growing array of Bluetooth-enabled speakers. We’ve reviewed many offerings from both companies. And, as of today two has become one. Yes, Incipio just acquired Braven. It will be interesting to see what comes from the combination. Check it out here.

Bluetooth Speaker Shootout- GearFest 2013

At GearFest 2013, Judie, Mike, Carly, and I sat down with a number of Bluetooth speakers to do a blind test listening to two pieces of music Travis had put together. (Thanks for jumping in to help us Coach!) With Mike’s wife Lisa helping us out (and offering up a few dance moves at the beginning of the video), we listened to six different Bluetooth speakers that have previously been reviewed here on the site. The speakers included: The JBL FLIP (Read the review) The MiPow Boom (Read the review) The Jabra Solemate (Read the review.) The Braven 600 (Check…

Braven 570 Charges Your Smartphone and Ears On the Go

We met with Braven at CES 2013 (check out the post) and had a chance to see their new speakers. We watched as the Braven BRV-1 went for a swim and checked out the budget-priced Braven 570. Now we’ve got out hands on the Braven 570 for a hands-on review. Before we jump in though take a look at the BRV-1. If you’ve used one of Braven’s speakers or checked out our head-to-head match between the Braven 600 and the JawBone JamBox (read the post) you are already familiar with the design of the Braven 570. It is a rectangular…

Braven BRV-1 Speaker Encounters the Water Torture Test

We’ve reviewed the Braven 600 previously and, yesterday, we spent some hands-on time with the BRV-1. The speaker is rugged, water-resistant, and “built for the outdoors”. 10 hours of playtime thanks to the 1200mAh battery means you’ll get plant of time to listen to tunes on the 5W speakers. And because the BRV-1 is “protected from rainfall, water jets, and water splashing”. It is not, hover, intended to be submersed completely in water. We put the speaker to the test. There’s much more to learn about the $169.99 speaker and that can be accomplished here on the Braven site.

Braven 600 Takes on the JawBone JamBox, and…

Back in December we did a post and video comparing the Spar Zephyr 300 and the JawBone JamBox. (Read the post.) The Spar speaker promised excellent audio and the ability to double as an external charger. Unfortunately it didn’t deliver on the audio front. I returned it and let the company know why. They were gracious about it, refunded my purchase immediately and then shared their own disappointment with how the speaker turned out. I went bcd to using my JamBox. They stopped shipping. Fast forward and a few weeks ago Spar rebranded as BRAVEN and released not one but…

BRAVEN Ships Their SIX Series, Speakers That Offer Big Sound and Power on the Go

Some number of months ago I ordered a really neat speaker from a company called SPAR. The speaker reminded me of the Jawbone JamBox. It was small, got loud and could function as a speakerphone as well as an audio device. I was impressed with the small device but there was one problem. The sound wasn’t very good. In fact, it was bad. I emailed the company and had one of the most pleasant experiences I have ever had when returning a product. They took it back, did so promptly and subsequently told me they too were not so happy…