The Nomad Roadtrip Charges Your Phone Both in the Car and Out

Picture a charger that plugs into your car’s DC connector; like any other charger you can plug a USB cable into it to top off your mobile device’s battery. Now picture that same charger out of your car, tucked into a pocket until you need to top off again. That’s what the Nomad Roadtrip can do.

Nomad Roadtrip 1

Packing a 3000 mAh battery, the sport a standard Type A USB port as well as a USB Type C port — it’s one of the first available accessories to do so. When you are in the car, it will power your device first, and then it will top off its internal battery. When you are out of the car, it can fully charge most phones (except for those with the largest internal batteries) at least once.

Nomad Roadtrip 2

The Roadtrip is 4.6” long x 1.2” wide, and it weighs 7 ounces. It’s composed of thick-walled BAYER plastic, and it has an aluminum face. Nomad will begin shipping on October 30 for $59.99, but if you are interested you should pre-order now from them at the discounted $39.99 price.

Nomad Roadtrip 3

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