Game Developer Launches Retro Gaming Hardware on Kickstarter!

I love RobotLovesKitty, who created the fun and funny ‘Legend of Dungeon’ game that I adored and which recently got a huge expansion. They are a fun and small team, and now they have launched a hardware project on Kickstarter called GameKid!

Game Developer Launches Retro Gaming Hardware on Kickstarter!

If you think it looks a bit like a classic GameBoy-you aren’t mistaken. The GameKid doesn’t try to disguise its retro-gaming roots, and in fact it celebrates the classics-as much as possible while respecting copyrights, that is!

Some details:

“The GameKid”


“Is it ergonomic? No. Maybe it’s just the nostalgia (okay, definitely) but there is something special about this simple shape that barely fits in your pocket. The GameKid is not built like a fragile modern handheld that tries to jam too many parts into the smallest space possible. It feels like you could run it over with a tank. It’s the same with the controls, nothing flimsy or floaty; our button action is straight out of the 80’s.”


•Compatible with Raspberry Pi A+, B+ and 2
•Configured for RetroPie to emulate all your favorite consoles and Pi games.
•D-Pad, 4 Front Buttons, Start/Select/Option, and 2 Trigger buttons
•Built in Stereo Speakers and a Headphone Jack
•2500mAh Battery (lasts ~5 hours with an A+ Pi), rechargeable by Micro USB port
•HDMI out! Connect to a TV and add USB controllers for a portable multiplayer game console!
•Functional Raspberry Pi mini computer! Just add a mouse and keyboard.

The project is fully funded, and many of the ‘early backer’ tiers are sold out. But you can get the fully assembled GameKid, including a Raspberry Pi 2 and 16GB SD card for a pledge of $139 or more!

Here is a very long and detailed look at ‘everything you wanted to know’ about the GameKid:


Here is a video showing the GameKid in action:

Head to Kickstarter and check out the GameKid!

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