USBFever Clip-On Lenses Enhance Your Mobile Photography Quickly and Easily

I’ve written quite a bit on the topic of smartphone photography in recent years. In the area of expanding the creativity in capturing images with these devices there has been some type lens converter required and usually that necessitated a dedicated case/lens combo. Not anymore, though, thanks to USBFever and it’s new line of clip-on lenses!

USBFever Clip-On Lenses Enhance Your Mobile Photography Quickly and Easily

USBFever Clip-On Lenses/Images courtesy USBFever and by David Goodspeed

The beauty of the new line of clip-on lens attachments from USBFever is that these can be used on almost all of the latest smartphones in a “one clip-on lens fits all” scenario. I recently received a combo kit of wide angle/fisheye/macro lenses along with a clip-on neutral density filter and I have attached these lenses to my iPhone, my iPad, and our Samsung Galaxy S6 and they work on all of these devices quickly and easily.

The spring-loaded clip the lenses attach to easily slides over the end of your device and firmly remains in place while you are taking pictures or video. I have found the clip-on lenses will even work when I have a third-party case on my phone – no more needing to remove that case to use a lens attachment or slap on a dedicated lens attachment case.

USBFever Clip-On Lenses Enhance Your Mobile Photography Quickly and Easily

As with most lens attachments I have tested, the new clip-on lens converters from USBFever work well for most photography or videography situations. There is some slight degradation in quality at the corners but I have found this common in every lens converter I have tested so far, even the olloclip. The main image area is sharp and there are no color aberrations. Having this combo of wide angle, fisheye, and macro in your pocket can truly expand your photographic possibilities and it can be a lot of fun to play with!

Some of you may be asking what a neutral density (ND) filter is. This is a lens attachment that removes the amount of light your device is recording, thus requiring longer exposure times. Where this is helpful is in photographing images using time exposures on a tripod or mount such as shooting nighttime scenes or light trails. It can also be helpful during the daytime in areas crowded with moving subjects such as people or vehicles and as they move through your scene you are less likely to record them as obstructions in the final image when using longer time exposures. Perfect for those really touristy areas when on vacation or traveling.

USBFever Clip-On Lenses Enhance Your Mobile Photography Quickly and Easily

Perhaps the best thing about the new clip-on lenses from USBFever is the price. The wide angle/fisheye/macro combo kit is only $8.99 so what have you got to lose? It comes with the hanger clip and the screw-on lenses in a small pouch. The clip-on ND filter is also $8.99 and is the perfect companion for apps such as Slow Shutter. It arrives with a pouch as well and should be paired with some type of remote shutter release and tripod to minimize camera shake when recording the longer time exposures. These and other devices are available at

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What I like: Ease of use; universal mounting over multiple devices; affordable.

What can be improved: Nothing at this time, works as advertised.

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