Never Miss the Perfect Shot with the Just Mobile ShutterGrip

One thing I absolutely dread about taking photos with the iPhone X, is actually holding it for that once in a lifetime photo, snapping, and ending up with a portion of my finger being in the way. Up until a few weeks ago, this was a huge problem that hasn’t happened since, courtesy of the Just Mobile ShutterGrip.

Created by JustMobile, the ShutterGrip proves in every way how innovative a company can truly be with an accessory that I can personally say everyone should have.

Essentially, you can clip the ShutterGrip to virtually any phone on the market, pairing it via Bluetooth, and then after setting up pressing the included button to take a photo. As my family has grown recently, it’s very handy to be able to snap that photo without worrying about missing anyone from within the shot. But what’s more is the ShutterGrip is a Swiss Army knife of functionality that was successfully funded through Kickstarter and is sure to be a gift that can be given on birthdays and holidays alike.

At the bottom of the ShutterGrip, you’ll get the ability to mount it to your existing Tripod, which is great, although I wish JustMobile included a stand to kind of hammer home the ability to take photos at a distance. But what is the most interesting about the ShutterGrip is that it includes a detachable remote that is the potion of the ShutterGrip that’s the grey color, so you can have a friend with longer hands shoot the image for you, or if you do indeed have a tripod, you can take that photo from across the room at another angle. It can shoot from up to 33 feet which is great for group or action shots as well.

While I wish that the ShutterGrip came with a rechargeable battery, JustMobile opted for the round CR-2303 battery which although will last you a while, I just prefer the option of charging from a micro-USB or lightning cable.

Overall shooting with the ShutterGrip has been a delight, and since it’s so compact you can actually go ahead and toss it in your back pocket when you’re not using it. There’s also an included lanyard that you can attach that serves a great purpose.

Currently on pre-order and shipping in March, you can find out more details about the ShutterGrip directly from this site.

Source: Manufacturer supplied review unit

What I Like: Bluetooth shutter for your camera works flawlessly for both photos and videos

What Needs Improvement: Which it was able to be charged via USB cable.

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