The MicFlip Reversible USB Cable by Winnergear Is Pricey, but Appreciated!

Winnergear sent over their popular MicFlip reversible MicroUSB cable, and I have to say, I’m very impressed!

The completely reversible USB Micro USB cable is ideal for those of you who always have a habit of attempting to plug up your devices the wrong way. This may be a solution with no problem, but it’s certainly a problem that you can’t say you’ve never had.

I have a Ziploc bag full of cables that I can barely tell the difference from, however, Winnergear made it a bit easier as the cable I received is tangle free, courtesy of being made of braided nylon.

The MicFlip Reversible USB Cable by Winnergear is Pricey, But Appreciated!

Fully extended, the MicFlip is a three-foot long cable that has a gold-plated connector, which adds a nice flair to an otherwise traditional looking cord. Comparing the MicFlip to your traditional MicroUSB cable, you easily see the differences where it matters, the connector. Essentially the MicFlip is just like the Lightning cable made by Apple, where you can insert it into your device without the struggle of thinking that it’s upside down.

The MicFlip Reversible USB Cable by Winnergear is Pricey, But Appreciated!

Testing it out on my Hawei P8 Lite, the MicFlip certainly works as expected, and I am loving the ability to plug in either direction and it just works. I am a bit concerned about the overall fast charging of devices. Winnergear’s packaging, which claims that the cables are verified to be used for fast charging, seemed to charge normally for my P8 Lite. It’s not clear how long we will all have to deal with microUSB cables, with there being new types of cables coming out that will all but make them extinct, but for now a reversible cord is a great thing to have if you don’t have it.

The MicFlip Reversible USB Cable by Winnergear is Pricey, But Appreciated!

Winnergear certainly is the first to make this type of MicroUSB, which justifies its $20 price tag, which is pretty steep in the market of MicroUSB cables. But I’m sure that there will be some competitors attempting to follow their league. But for right now, Winnergear is available in red/gold, silver, or black for $20.00 online, so why not get yourself one today?

The MicFlip Reversible USB Cable by Winnergear is Pricey, But Appreciated!

Source: Manufacturer supplied review unit

What I Like: the braided cable will last over time.

What Needs Improvement: Price is a bit steep.

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