The SPB Backup for Pocket PC Review

My Treo started playing up recently, with random software crashes and some sort of battery drain. It got to the point where my Treo would only last 6hrs without any use before it would be dead. I had also just received my MacBook Pro, but I couldn’t get it to sync with it, so I decided it was time for a hard reset. Since I hadn’t been able to sync all my contacts/calendar to my MacBook yet, I needed to get that data off before I did the hard reset. Before I did I loaded up SPB Backup to see how it would work for me.

Installation was easy. I simply downloaded the CAB file, dragged it onto my miniSD card (in a USB reader) and ran the CAB on my Treo. After installation I opened it up. The first screen displayed gives you various options for your backups.

First I ran the Full Backup. Even though my Treo was unstable, I still wanted to have a complete copy of my device before it went through the hard reset. This will make a complete backup of your device, capturing every file and setting.

You can also run a customised backup, allowing you to select only the item that you want backed up.

There are also very comprehensive options for exactly what you want backed up. Specific items like PIM data, emails and documents can be selected.

You can even specify right down to the individual files that you want backed up.

System data (like programs and settings) can also be selected manually, or completely backed up. Some programs may no work properly upon restoration if you deselect some of these options.

Clicking next will let you choose a name for your backup, and a location to store it. Of course you will want to store it on either a storage card or an internal file store, otherwise it will get wiped out during the hard reset.

You can choose to have your backup compressed, password protected, or both.

The program will automatically calculate an approximate size for the backup. It will also show you the available storage space on your destination medium. This would be particularly useful if you only have a small memory card. As you can see on my 1GB card I have plenty of space.

Before the backup begins a message is displayed warning the user that all running applications will be closed.

I used the custom option to backup all of my PIM data and emails. After hard resetting my Treo I restored the backup, which was quick and painless. After the hard reset I was able to sync my Treo with my Mac, and transfer all the PIM information into iCal and Address Book without any trouble.

The last feature of SPB Backup is the scheduled backup function. This allows you to setup regular intervals when your Windows Mobile device will automatically create a backup.

Like the custom backup, you can configure what you would like backed up.

When running the backup I couldn’t use the screenshot program, so here are some photos of my Treo creating a backup.

There is also the option to snooze or cancel a scheduled backup if you are using your device when one is about to start.

Overall, I am very happy with SPB Backup. It performs its function without any trouble, and gives users an excellent amount of options for customising their backups. I can’t think of anything that I would change about it. Definitely 5 stars!!

SPB Backup is available from the Gear Diary Software Store (thanks for supporting us!) as well as from other retailers. Get 20% off until January 6th, when you use the code 06HOL.
MSRP: $19.95
What I Like: Ability to schedule automatic backups; ability to backup PIM data & email account data; backup data can be compressed and password protected
What Needs Improvement: Nothing, it works as advertised

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  1. I’ve been using this program for about a year, and I must say that it is among the first to be loaded on any new Pocket PC device I own. It works like it is supposed to, and it has saved my bacon many a time. đŸ™‚

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