Now You Can Have Wireless Charging on Your iPhone Thanks to PowerGo-Go

Do you have the ever constant issue of your battery draining on your iPhone? Do you wish there was a better solution than always carrying around that Lightning cable everywhere you go? You might be in luck.

PowerGo-Go has stepped up to the plate to rid you of those problems. Their solution is a new slew of new magnetic wireless charging accessories that will give your Apple smartphone 50% more charging that those competitors on the market., without compromising the overall look of your phone. Because who wants their phone to be absurdly longer and thicker than when they purchased it? PowerGo-Go has your best interest.

Introducing the industry’s first magnetic cable, you’ll be able to still sync your data, faster than what you would get from those other third-parties. First there’s the Charging bumper case. The material on the case makes it shock absorbent and make it available for the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.

Power Go-Go 2

Next there’s the cradle for the bumper case which not only makes your phone easy to access without the need to free yourself from cables, but the mag-charging case is able to be rotated in either portrait and landscape. The cradle features a LED base with charging status indicator so now you can know when your phone is fully charged without consistently turning it on while it’s juicing up.

If you’re on the go, there’s also a car charger that’s wireless, yet magnetic base allows you to freely navigate while in your vehicle. Like the home cradle, you can rotate the car charger set 180 degrees. There’s also a featured 12v adapter that has two USB ports so you can charge up a passenger’s device as well.

Last but not least there is the magnetic power bank. The 3000mAh backup bank can fully charge that new iPhone 6 or 6s one and half times. It’s ultra slim frame allows it to be attached to the PowerGo-Go bumper case, without any ugly cords. The indicators on the back of the bank showcase each battery level, and if you buy multiple power banks, you can stack them against each other for more power. PowerGo-Go has even gone to lengths of including a coin slot that will take that each coin in your wallet, and turn your case into a stand so you can watch those movies on a long flight.

You’ll be pleased to know that all of these items are being crowdfunded on the 29th of September at 40% off their normal price, and shipping immediately after. Why wouldn’t you want to jump on this offer?

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