You’ve Got the Juice with MyCharge’s HubUltra Portable Battery


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Lets face it, there’s a thousand battery packs out there on the market, most of which are about 4500mAh battery internally, but what if you just are the type who has two gadgets? That just won’t do. You need something better.

MyCharge sent me over their HUGE 12000mAh HubUltra Portable battery charger, and trust me, this baby charges everything.

You've Got The Juice With MyCharge's HubUltra Portable Battery


The overall look of the HubUltra is beautiful. The design of it is self explanatory, nothing too fancy. It’s a silver battery pack that is not only nice to hold in the hand, but it’s not too bad when you put it in your pocket. To put it plain, this thing has a nice body on the outside, with a tank on the inside, which is something great with events like CES coming up, and you don’t want to have 2-3 different battery packs in your bag while walking around.

You've Got The Juice With MyCharge's HubUltra Portable Battery

The HubUltra has a built in lightning AND Micro-USB cable which is something that not most have. Too many times have I seen these beautiful battery packs only include a Micro-USB cable, completely shutting out Apple device users. Thanks MyCharge for thinking of the little people!

You've Got The Juice With MyCharge's HubUltra Portable Battery

Interestingly enough, MyCharge not only thought ahead with their battery back, but they even included a black plastic dock-like station for the battery pack itself so you can charge it overnight while you charge your devices like your iPad. Again, IDEAL for travel. They’ve also included a pretty nice flat, non-tangle USB cable for charging on the go as a bonus.

You've Got The Juice With MyCharge's HubUltra Portable Battery
Here are the specs of the HubUltra:

Battery: 12000mAh Lithium Ion
Product Dimensions: 6.5 in x 3.0 in x 1.2 in
Product Weight: 0.68 lbs.
USB port delivers Shared 3.4A output


Honestly this is my daily driver battery pack right now. I’ve played with battery packs in the range of 5000mAh which is enough for my iPhone 6 Plus, but now that I walk around with my Apple Watch, iPhone 6 Plus, AND my P8 Lite smartphone, I need a lot out of my battery packs. Obviously since there are no portable battery packs on the market that include an Apple Watch charger I tend to carry that as well, but at least the HubUltra covers two of my three needs.

You've Got The Juice With MyCharge's HubUltra Portable Battery

My devices all seem to charge VERY fast, dare I say faster than with that old Mophie case I used to use, and they even made it a mission to include an indicator that I could understand at the top of the device. Each of the four dots indicate increments of 25%, so if you have one dot glowing it’s time to find a charge for not only your smartphone, but for the battery pack itself.

You've Got The Juice With MyCharge's HubUltra Portable Battery

Using it is super simple, The power button of the HubUltra is at the top of the device next to the outputs for the Micro-USB and Lightning, with the three prongs on the opposite end that allow docking to the black base. Next to that is the USB slot to charge the backup charger.

You've Got The Juice With MyCharge's HubUltra Portable Battery

I can easily get four full charges from my iPhone 6 Plus out of my HubUltra, and sometimes I forget to charge it, but there’s always enough for me to get by.


You've Got The Juice With MyCharge's HubUltra Portable Battery

I love this thing, if I haven’t expressed this enough already. The fact that I don’t have to dig through my Ziploc bag full of cables to carry with me when I go out is a Godsend, courtesy of integrated cables, which are about four inches. So long enough to check your device while out at a bar or such. Now it’s not the cheapest item on the market, it’ll set you back $150, but you know my motto “You get what you pay for”. And the HubUltra eliminates that $20 you’d pay for the extra cables, so? What are you waiting for? Head over to MyCharge today and get one!

Source: Manufacturer supplied review unit

What I Liked: Integrated cables; Scratch resistant siler colorway.

What Needs Improvement: Nothing.

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