Just Mobile Xtand Vent: Park Your Phone in a Cool Spot

I’ve tried plenty of phone holders in my vehicles, but the one thing that always stops me from wanting to keep using them is that they can be bulky, ugly, or they require special attachments to use. The Just Mobile Xtand Vent is a sleek, minimalistic vent holder for your phone. It works well, and it looks good.

Just Mobile Xtand Vent: Park Your Phone in a Cool Spot

Measuring just 2.6″ wide by 2.5″ long by 0.75″ thick, the Xtand Vent is a slim, pocketable phone holder. It can stretch from 2.1″ to 3.6″ wide to accommodate even the fattest smartphones in its rubberized grip — without removing their cases and without having to deal with magnets, double stick tape, or any other bothers.

The secret to the Just Mobile Xtand Vent is the ball-joint swivel mechanism that allows the viewing angle of the phone to be adjusted and rotated however you need it for either portrait or landscape viewing. The vent attachment has four slits in it, which will allow it to slide onto and hold tightly to just about any air vent. Even better, there is a rotating tightener on the back which allows you to figure out exactly how you want your phone held, and then you can lock it into place with minimal (if any) sagging.

The Xtand Vent works with both my iPhone 7 Plus and Huawei Mate 9; each is in a case, and it’s nice not to have to remove the case to fit either of them into the holder.

How well the Xtand Vent works in your vehicle is going to depend upon your vents. For instance, my Jeep has these goofy round vents that have louvers which spin 360º and shut in a way that hides all but the top louver when they close. The Xtand Vent works on my vents, but because of their spinning design, it’s not a perfect setup. In our GMC Denali, on the other hand, the Xtand Vent works perfectly; it grips onto the vent’s louver, and it stays put exactly where I want it.

If you’ve been looking for a simple yet elegant holder for your phone, and your vehicle has traditional louvered vents that won’t spin around in 360º circles (ugh, Jeep!), then the Just Mobile Xtand Vent is a great solution for keeping your phone at a viewable level and out of your hands.

The Just Mobile Xtand Vent retails for $24.95, and it is available directly from the manufacturer and other retailers including Amazon [affiliate link].

Tip: You can get 25% off everything between February 11 and February 14 at the Just Mobile site during their Valentine’s Day sale; use the promo code JM25LOVE when you check out. 🙂

Source: Manufacturer supplied review sample

What I Like: Grippy and adjustable holder keeps phone in place on vent without dropping; Works with even the widest smartphones; Elegant and minimalistic design that isn’t large or obtrusive

What Needs Improvement: Nothing — assuming you have traditional louvered vents in your vehicle

Just Mobile Xtand Vent: Park Your Phone in a Cool Spot

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