Griffin Ultra Thin Case for Apple Watch Dresses up and Protects

Looking for a great way to protect your Apple Watch while also changing up its appearance with ease? Look no further than Griffin Ultra Thin Case for Apple Watch. Available for both the 42MM and 38MM watches, the cases come in a three pack. The cases surround the watch with a thin protective layer while changing its look in seconds.

Griffin Ultra Thin Case For Apple Watch Dresses Up and Protects

The $19.99 accessory comes in a three pack of different color options and snaps on in seconds. They don’t change the functionality of the watch or limit access to buttons in the least but they do give just a bit of added protection.

There are three pack options from which to choose. Each is $19.99.

  • The Gold pack give you 1 polished yellow gold case, 1 matte gold case and one 1 clear watch case.
  • The Silver Pack gives you 1 polished silver case, 1 matte silver case and 1 clear watch case.
  • The Multi Pack gives you 1 polished silver case, 1 matte gold case and 1 clear case.

I was sent the Multi Pack and I really like the options contained within it.

Here’s what Griffin has to say about the Ultra Thin Case for Apple Watch.

“Our Ultra Thin Case brings swappable style and color to your Apple Watch. Create a new look for your Apple Watch or match it to your iPhone…the choice is yours.”


“Snap On Color, Snap on Style: We’ve included three color/finish combinations in each pack – polished metallic, matte metallic, or clear. Choose your favorite, then clip it onto the face of your Apple Watch. Now you can match your silver, space grey or gold iPhone or Apple laptop.”


“Super Thin: The poly-carbonate case is almost imperceptible, measuring just .5 mm thin.”


“Fashion, Meet Function: Just snap the Ultra Thin Case into place; no need to remove your watchband. And your Apple Watch’s Digital Crown stays accessible. Griffin’s Ultra Thin Case. Style is a snap for your Apple Watch.”

Each Ultra Thin case is…ultra thin. It feels flimsy at first but once on the watch, it forms a perfect extra layer around Apple’s first foray into the wearables market. To get it on you simply place the side with the Digital crown cutout over the side of the watch and then snap the other side in place. It literally takes a second and, before you know it, your Apple watch has a different look entirely. (Except if you use the clear case which, obviously, lets the actual color show through.)

I have a black sports model and I love the way the silver case makes it pop! I like but don’t love the look of the gold one.

And I appreciate the way the clear case protects without hiding.

Griffin Ultra Thin Case For Apple Watch Dresses Up and Protects

And I appreciate the way it protects while leaving the back completely exposed for charging and sensor contact.


  • Simply snaps on to your Apple Watch
  • Just .5 mm thin
  • No need to remove your watchband
  • Colors complement your Apple Watch or iPhone
  • Available for 38 mm and 42 mm Apple Watch

Griffin Ultra Thin Case For Apple Watch Dresses Up and Protects

I wasn’t sure what I thought about these cases for the Apple Watch initially but they have really grown on me. I love changing the look of my watch, appreciate the added layer of protection, and am taken with just how easy it is to get the case on and off the watch. And the fact that all the controls etc. remain completely unaffected is a nice plus.

You can learn more and order your set of three here.

Source: Manufacturer supplied review sample of the Griffin Ultra Thin Case For Apple Watch.

What I Like: Thin and light; Easy to get on and off; Protects without added bulk; Leave all controls fully accessible; Ships in a three pack and onions are good.

What Needs Improvement: Doesn’t protect from drops or serious bumps; $19.99 is rather pricey for something as small, light, and simple as this, even though you get three.

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