Review: Everki Agile Slim Laptop Bag

Review: Everki Agile Slim Laptop Bag

I recently found my first laptop bag.  The bag is from an era when laptops were big, bulky and weighed a ton.  Simply being able to carry them made them mobile.  The bag was huge, heavy and had no features.  Today, mobile computing keeps getting smaller.  Full screen laptops are much thinner and netbooks and MacBook Airs seem to be the best way to be on the move.  As our devices shrink, so should the bags we carry them in.  Thinner and lighter have become a must for my gear.  Some of my favorite gear bags come from Everki.  They are stylish, affordable and packed with features.  I have been using the Everki Agile Slim Laptop bag to carry my 13″ MacBook Pro and all of my everyday gear.  Lets take a look.

Review: Everki Agile Slim Laptop Bag

The Agile Slim Laptop Bag will hold up to a 16″ computer and is the slimmest bag Everki has released.  Made with Everi’s superior build quality, the bag is super light and feels very small but is designed to carry all of your gear easily.  The bag comes in black with orange accents and interior as do all of Everki’s products.  The outer shell is black nylon which makes it light and strong.  The nylon material is thick and rugged so there are no worries about damage with regular use.  Measuring at 15.94 inches long and 11.81 inches high, the bag is only 1.97 inches wide.  The laptop compartment is made of anti-shock foam and lined with a super soft material that is sure to keep your computer safe.  The entire package weighs in at a very light 1.48 lbs when empty.

Review: Everki Agile Slim Laptop Bag

When I first saw the size of the bag, I was not too sure anything other than my laptop would fit.  I carry a lot of “junk,” as my wife calls it, with me every day.  Everki did a great job designing the bag to not only be slim and light, but also functional.  The computer compartment is in the middle of the bag with a pair of quick access pockets on the front and back.  The front access compartment includes a large number of multifunctional pockets.  I am able to hold all of my cords, headphones, USB drives and other accessories.  Three larger pockets are perfect for external hard drives or cell phones.  By planning carefully, I was able to fit a ridiculous amount of gear in the bag.  A zippered accessory pocket is also included to keep items you do not want to fall out or power adapters.  The back quick access pocket is a large open pocket.  I use it to carry my file folders and scouting reports for opposing teams during football practice.  I have found that I like having the two compartments separate since I never use the items in each at the same time.

Review: Everki Agile Slim Laptop Bag

The shoulder strap is similar to other Everki bags and is a padded non-slip design.  The shape and material of the pad on the strap help alleviate any weight being carried and makes the bag comfortable to carry.  Some other bags seem to slip off the shoulder or do not feel comfortable.  When carrying the Agile Slim Laptop Bag, it is not only soft and comfortable, but also stays put which helps avoid unwanted drops.  The strap is adjustable but cannot be removed.  I prefer to use a shoulder strap, but I do know people who like to remove the strap and use the carrying handles like a briefcase.  The back of the bag sports a trolley strap.  When traveling, slip the bag over the handle of rolling luggage and free your hands and shoulder to carry other items.  This feature is standard on several of Everki products and is a genius feature.  All of the handles and accents are made with leather giving the bag a classy look and feel.

If you are looking for a lighter and slimmer way to carry your gear, the Agile bag is a perfect solution.  I kind of made a rule for myself that if I cannot carry something in this bag, I do not need to take it with me.  I was actually carrying a lot of stuff I never used and the bag inspired me to lighten the load and go slim.  Everki styling and design make the bag both attractive and functional.  Perfect for travel, business or fun.  If you are searching for a new, slimmer bag, the Agile Slim Laptop Bag from Everki is a perfect solution.

Everki Agile Slim Laptop Bag

MSRP: $49.99   Available at Amazon for $44.

What I like: Attractive and full of features.  I love how slim and light the bag is.

What could use improvement: Some users might like to remove the strap.

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