Make Your Wallet to Fit Your Style with Pyramid Wallets

Have you ever had a wooden wallet? Better yet, have you ever had a wooden wallet with the Game of Throne’s Stark House Sigil? Well I have, and you can also, with the Pyramid Wallet.

Each wallet being an original, and made from an assortment of over thirty wood species ranging from rich deep african Blackwood to even a Padauk, you can decide which type of wallet you’d like courtesy of Pyramid Wallet.


I received the Game of Thrones version, which has a custom Stark House emblem, being as though I’m a huge fan of Game of Thrones, and personally i love it. You can even add your own monogram engraved in a wood or a 999 silver, perfect for those of you who’d like to give out a company wallet as a Christmas gift, or as a wedding gift for the groom.


Pyramid wallets also does metal, including Titanium, Aluminum as well as brass. Each of them durable and stretch resistant, the Titanium version has a darker color, brass is more gold like, and Aluminum being the least expensive. The wallet I received being the wooden model I still use to this day, since I’m going through “White Walker Withdrawl” so to speak. Pyramid Wallet was once a Kickstarter that went live after raising their 20,000 goal, and when you receive the product in hand, you’ll see why. Each wallet can house up to 10 cards, which easily fits the eight that I carry.

An elastic band houses your cards behind the GOT Plateau version I received, and does it very securely. I have no worries of the wooden nature of the wallet chipping, or somehow damaging my cards because of the small footprint that it leaves. With other 13,000 ways to customize your wallet you can add your own flair to it so you stand out from others.


An added flair to the packaging as they wax seal each wallet individually, which any fan of Maker’s Mark would be delighted to see.

Overall the wallet itself is a beauty, and even better as a gift. You can find out more about Pyramid Wallets today and get one today!


Source: Manufacturer supplied review unit

What I Like: Individually engraved, handcrafted

What Needs Improvement: Nothing

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