The Energizer – Energi To Go Review

The EnergizerEnergi To Go” emergency charger for mobile devices and cellular phones is a gadget falls into the “When I need it, I really need it!” category.

The premise is simple: Load the device with two AA batteries (Energizer recommends their Lithium batteries, but it works with any type of AA), plug in their cable, then attach to your mobile phone or PDA, and voila! The LED lights up, and you’re charging. (The speed and quantity of power charging will depend on the type of AA battery used.)

Energizer has different packages with specific cables for a variety of cellular phones (Motorola, Nokia, Samsung, and Sprint), but the one that’s most useful to me is the mini USB connector, which works with Windows Mobile devices and Blackberries. If you have a non-mini USB cellular phone, I recommend buying this at a store to test that your phone works with the available adapters. The packaging is cleverly designed so that the plugs stick out. you can try the available adapters with your mobile phone before you buy it.

My only negative on this device is that, particularly in low light situations, it’s difficult to see the polarity of the two battery slots. (My low-tech solution for this was drawing a “+” and “-“on the outside of the plastic battery case with a Sharpie marker!) And one caveat is that you do not want to store the AA batteries inside the device. they will lose their charge over time.

The “Energi To Go” is great for ordinary as well as emergency situations, and especially useful for international flights. The charger case is plastic but solidly made, and I expect it and the cable will hold up well to extensive use. The Energi To Go is now a permanent addition to my briefcase, and a favorite gift for friends who rely on their Blackberry or WinMobile device to be charged and ready for use at all times.

The Energizer?”Energi To Go” is available many drugstores, office supply stores, and online retailers such as
MSRP: $19.95
What I Like: Easy and convenient device charging on the go
What Needs Improvement:?In low light it is difficult to see the polarity of the two battery slots; batteries stored inside the device will lose their charge over time