Brandless Online Grocery Shopping Simply Makes Sense

Brandless Online Grocery Shopping Simply Makes Sense

Brandless Online Grocery Shopping doesn’t offer frozen food, vegetables, fruit, or meat, but all the other food they sell is as healthy as possible, priced right, and downright tasty. They deliver your order right to your door, and with everything priced at $3, many of their items are priced far better than what I’m used to paying.

Brandless is a company that takes out the middlemen — it comes from the source directly to you. While you lose the flashy labels you’re used to, in return, “where it matters our products are non-GMO, sometimes organic, fair trade, kosher, gluten-free, no added sugar and more.” They sell the obvious food and drinks, but they also carry household cleaners, home and office productsbeauty, health, and personal care items. Everything is $3 … everything. Shipping is reasonably priced, but they also offer a membership at $36 per year that gives you free shipping.

Brandless Online Grocery Shopping Simply Makes Sense

Brandless sent me a selection of their food items. I thought I would get a couple of things to try, and instead, they basically sent me a loaded grocery box. Inside were the following: lemon pepper vinaigrette salad dressing, arabiatta pasta sauce, shells & yellow cheddar (mac & cheese!), fruit & nut trail mix, lemon basil scone mix, fusilli pasta, toasted coconut cookie thins, blueberry flax granola, cranberry & oat crisps. Let’s take a look at a few of the things I was sent …

Brandless Sweet Jalapeno Lentil Crisps

This was the first product we pulled from the box; my assistant, Kitty, was on hand to help me taste test. I was worried that the jalapeno might be too much for her, but she dug right in.

She liked them so much that she was willing to share, but she ultimately wanted to take the bag home! I felt fine about giving them to her because they were non-GMO, gluten-free, had no artificial flavors, no preservatives, they’re vegan and kosher. In other words, they were as healthy as anything I might have specifically bought for one of my grands to snack on. Everyone who tried one liked them, and I would buy them again.

Brandless Original Beef Jerky

Brandless offers three flavors of beef jerky — peppered, teriyaki, and original. Kev got to be my guinea pig for the original flavor; he had just come in from his studio and was looking for a snack. happy to help, I busted out the bag of jerky from my box. We’re used to buying a major brand ot keep on hand for situations like this, but Kev and I agreed that these tasted just as good.

Brandless beef jerky is organic, made from 100% grass-fed beef (nice!), hickory smoked, high in protein, non-GMO, and the beef used contains no added hormones or antibiotics. In all honesty, I have no idea what goes into the brand I usually buy — they certainly don’t have all this information on their packaging, and I just … appreciated knowing. Another win!

Brandless Gummy Fruit Wedges

Up until a couple of years ago, I wasn’t a big fan of gummy candies. With all the traveling I do, I soon learned that it’s a great candy to travel with — a perfect and long-lasting snack to have while stuck on a plane or in a hotel room. I brought these with me on my trip to the IFA GPC in Rome, and I found that they were delicious and satisfying. They are a bit bigger pieces than I’m used to in my gummy candy, so I found that one or two pieces were plenty to satisfy me when I had a craving.

The Brandless gummies are made with tapioca syrup and cane sugar — no corn syrup! They also have no artificial colors or flavors, no preservatives, are non-GMO, and they are gluten-free. Again, this is something I would not hesitate to feed to one of the many kids running in and out of my office on a daily basis.

Brandless Partially Popped Popcorn (Dill Pickle Flavor)

I was super skeptical about this product because while I love partially popped popcorn, dill pickle flavoring has never been a favorite. I’ll have you know that I opened the bag … and I killed it within a couple of days. I’m not proud of this, but they were that good!

Brandless partially popped popcorn is also non-GMO, gluten-free, vegan, has no artificial colors or flavors, they’re kosher, and most importantly — the are tree nut and peanut-free.

Every single thing we’ve tried has been delicious and tasty, and I have felt good about serving it to anyone who wanted a sample. Best of all — when I re-order, I know that they will be $3 each, and they’ll be delivered right to my door with no hassle.


Brandless products are served in sensible sizes meant to limit waste; they have the ingredients and values printed in easy to spot areas on the bags — and there is no guesswork when ordering — you know that you are getting a quality product that will adhere to the things you find important when shopping for your family.

With the hidden costs removed, ordering directly from Brandless is a refreshing experience. It’s easy to estimate what your shopping cart will cost because everything is $3, and in some cases — like the beauty products and face cream, you can save as much as 370% of what you’d pay on national brands. I’m definitely going to be putting in an order!

Check Brandless products out and order here.

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