Get a Little Bit More Active with UrbanEars New Headphone Collection!

Are you looking for a pair of sweat proof headphones that will look just as good on your daily commute as they do in the gym? You might be in luck.

UrbanEars announced today at CES 2016 their UrbanEars Active collection, featuring their wireless headphone, Hellas, and Ear Buds, Reimer, that will be just as functional as they are fancy.

The lightweight headphones come not just corded, but also in a bluetooth version that does away with open ports for 3.5mm cables to account for a smaller overall weight and a better feeling pair of headphones. Both versions of the Active collection have washable ear cushions, and the Bluetooth version alone has a headband that will absorb moisture from those long outdoor runs. On top of having a built in swipe interface, there are no buttons that will confuse you as you attempt to change tracks or pump up the volume. On the in-ear headphones, the UrbanEar actives not only feature a lightweight fuss free cable, but the EarClick technology has a smart double clip that will keep the headphones from tussling while attached to your clothes.

Available soon, you can check for more information!

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