ZAGG Speaker Case for iPhone 6 Protects, Charges, and Rocks Your Day

One of the most unusual products ZAGG has brought to market recently is the ZAGG Speaker Case for iPhone 6. This innovative case adds protection, extra battery life and a Bluetooth speakerphone to your powerful pocket computer. The speaker snaps in place when you need it. When you don’t it easily separates, leaving your phone thin, light but still protected. 

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The ZAGG speaker case is actually two products in one. The is a thin, bumper-style case that protects the sides of the phone and adds some degree of lay-on-the-table protection. No, it does not add screen or back protection but those can be bought from ZAGG for a few dollars. Add them and you have decent protection for your phone.

That, however, is just the beginning. As ZAGG explains:

The ZAGG Speaker Case is a protective case that features a removable, wireless Bluetooth speaker that’s perfect for boosting music, conference calls, videos, and games. It also has a built-in battery that powers the speaker and provides up to 1800mAh backup power to the phone. Use this power on your own or share it via the built-in USB outlet. Amazing sound and portable power have never been easier. A wireless Bluetooth speaker amplifies calls, music, videos, and more. The case features a mute button and built-in microphone, plus the speaker can be removed and placed in an ideal listening position for conference calls and other uses. A rechargeable 1800mAh battery powers the speaker and provides reliable backup power to charge your phone, or you can share the power to a micro USB or Lightning device via the universal USB port.

The bumper goes into the iPhone in seconds. Once inside the phone is wrapped in a layer of protection but, as noted, leaves the back and screen exposed. When you want to attach the speaker you simply align it with the bumper and push the two parts of the product together. It snaps in place quite securely. And when you want to remove the speaker, either to save weight and bulk or place the speaker in a more optimal position, you simply pull it off.

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The speaker itself was a bit of a surprise to me. I didn’t expect it to sound very good but, in fact, it sounds rather decent. It certainly blows the iPhone’s own speaker away! The buttons on the back are large, clearly marked and easy to use. Pairing took seconds. And, once paired, simply turning the speaker on lets it auto connect. It takes a few seconds but that’s not an issue. A button above the audio control buttons lets you know how much charge you have left in the battery.

  • Hear More: A powerful wireless Bluetooth speaker amplifies your music, movies, and calls so you can share and enjoy them even easier. Plus, the speaker detaches from the case so you can place it in an ideal listening position.
  • Do More: An included 1800mAh battery powers the speaker for hours of enjoyment. Additionally, the battery includes a universal USB port so you can conveniently charge your phone or share the power with a friend.
  • Talk More: The ZAGG Speaker Case includes a built-in microphone and mute button so you can easily take calls hands-free.
  • More Protection: A slim, protective bumper protects your phone from impact, scratches, and dings.

When the speaker and bumper are together you get a thick, but not unwieldy package.

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Here’s our video review.

I like the ZAGG Speaker Case. The bumper protects as well as you can expect a bumper to protect. And the speaker sounds a ton better than the iPhone alone. I don’t personally see using something like this frequently but the idea of a battery and speaker that can be attached to the phone but removed when you need to travel light is rather attractive. The battery is a bit under 2000mAh so you can’t expect to get a ton of extra runtime when you are using the Speaker Case to charge your phone but it will give you a little bit of a boost. It’s a good product but not one that is for me.

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Oh, and it is also available in an attractive silver color. You can learn more on the product page. You can get it here for $99.99. [Affiliate link]

Source: Manufacturer supplied review sample of the ZAGG Speaker Case

What I Like: Thin bumper case offers a decent level of protection; Speaker snaps in place for ease-of-use; Speaker snaps off when you want to go light or position the speaker somewhere more optimal; Speaker sounds surprisingly good.

What Needs Improvement: Case doesn’t come with screen or back protection; Speaker is good but won’t blow you away; Relatively small battery adds battery life but not enough for heavy users who spend a lot of time away from an outlet


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