LifeBEAM Teams up with UnderArmour and JBL!

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LifeBEAM Teams up with UnderArmour and JBL! Listen to this article

I tested the LifeBEAM hat last spring and was quite impressed with the accuracy of their heart rate monitor. They’re expanding their market beyond hats and helmets, putting their heart rate tech into wireless headphones powered by Under Armour and JBL!

LifeBEAM Teams up with UnderArmour and JBL!

Under Armour has been all over releasing hardware that works with their MapMyRun/MyFitnessPal/UnderArmour Record empire, so these fit nicely into that lineup. And LifeBEAM has great technology, plus moving into headphones gets them out of their headgear niche. I loved their sensor in the hat I reviewed, but I wasn’t a huge fan of the hat. Runners and cyclists tend to be picky about their headwear, so it is nice to have another option for heart rate monitoring.

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The headphones aren’t going to be cheap at $250, but wireless headphones that sync to Under Armour, monitor your heart rate, AND have JBL sound are a whole lot of tech for that price!

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