Get Yourself a Leather Strap for Your Apple Watch from NOMAD

With news that the Apple Watch has dropped $50 as of yesterday, plenty of people are out there attempting to get themselves one of the best smartwatches on the market. So why not get yourself one of the best bands on the market?

Get Yourself a Leather Strap for Your Apple Watch from NOMAD

Nomad is popular for their battery chargers and accessories for Apple products, but did you know that they make leather bands for them as well?

Available today for $59.99 – $79.95, you can get yourself their Strap for Apple Watch in two styles and two colors. Available in both sizes: 42mm and 38mm, the Apple Watch band will be available for both the Silver or the Black Lug Apple Watch. Made of top quality Italian leather, the Strap by Nomad are all hand stitched, and use stainless steel hardware.

 For more information or to purchase the Apple Watch Strap by Nomad, you can head over to Nomad today!

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