ThermoWorks Cloud Lets You Monitor Your BBQ from Your Apple Watch While Still Enjoying Your Backyard Gathering

The arrival of spring means it’s time to once again enjoy the great outdoors; it also means enjoying more meals prepared on the grill. ThermoWorks has a range of great devices to help you become a grillmaster. Thanks to the ThermoWorks Cloud, you can even keep an eye on your streaks, fish, or hotdogs from your Apple Watch.

Whether you grab a ThermoPop for $35, a Thermapen ONE for $105, a feature-rich Signals BBQ Alarm Thermometer for $239, or the Smoke X2 for $169, there is a ThermoWorks product for every type of backyard chef and budget.

ThermoWorks Cloud

Thanks to the ThermoWorks iOS app and ThermoWorks Cloud (which is free unless you need their professional monitoring services), you don’t have to be tied to the grill while your food is cooking!

All you need to do is get your grill up to the proper temperature, put your meat or vegetables on the grill, and insert your connected ThermoWorks sensor, and you can monitor your progress on your phone.

ThermoWorks Cloudworks is compatible with Signals, BlueDOT, Smoke + Smoke Gateway, ThermaQ WiFi, and ThermaQ Blue.

While shopping for a new grill thermometer on the ThermoWorks site, what caught my eye was that the Thermoworks app now works with the Apple Watch. With it, you can monitor critical cook temperatures so that you always know what’s happening with your BBQ meats!

ThermoWorks App on Apple Watch

That means you no longer need to be tied to the grill or your phone while your feast is cooking.

Instead, once the prep is done and the meal is on the grill, you can spend time with family and friends while checking your BBQ’s status by simply looking at your wrist. It may seem like a small innovation, but it’s an added convenience that will make it more enjoyable and even easier to entertain this summer.

ThermoWorks Cloud and the ThermoWorks iOS app are free, and if you have the compatible ThermoWorks Gear, you can now monitor your cools from your Apple Watch!

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