ActionProof’s THE BUMPER for Apple Watch Offers Lightweight Protection

Actionproof’s THE BUMPER for the Apple Watch is exactly what it sounds like, a rubber bumper that fits around your 42mm Apple Watch and provides protection against accidents that would otherwise scratch or dent your Watch. It provides 360° protection while providing access to the entire screen, digital crown, and health sensors. THE BUMPER can be preordered now for $35.

Actionproof THE BUMPER Cover

The beauty of THE BUMPER is that it allows full access to the digital crown by leaving most of the circumference of the crown exposed, allowing you to spin the crown, but also provides protection to the exterior face of the digital crown that also allows you to press down on the crown. THE BUMPER covers all sides and corners of the Watch, but also has portals for the entire Watch screen, health sensors, microphone, speaker, and watch straps. The side button is covered by rubber but is easily pressed.

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Installing THE BUMPER is simple; you remove the Watch’s straps and slip the pliable rubber around your Watch, ensuring that the digital crown fits well within the designated area. Once THE BUMPER has been fit around your Watch, you click slide the watchstraps back into place and you’re good to go. As soon as THE BUMPER is on your Watch, you’ll notice how snug it fits, which is a sign of Actionproof’s engineering success.

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THE BUMPER also protects the screen from accidental scratches by providing a slight lip in front of the glass (or sapphire) screen. This allows full access to the touchscreen while also offering protection from accidental grazes against walls, bannisters, or other scary encounters that might threaten to scratch your expensive gadget.

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THE BUMPER is extremely light, weighing in at a paltry 0.1oz or 3g. Suffice it to say, that when you’re wearing THE BUMPER, you’ll have no idea unless you look down at your wrist. This is a great feature of THE BUMPER; since you are carrying it around all day on your wrist, added weight is not welcome.

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During my time wearing THE BUMPER, not once did I notice it clinging to my wrist unless I was actively using my Apple Watch. The health sensors always stayed in contact with my wrist, so I never missed a measurement. When I did notice THE BUMPER, however, it was because it often took multiple presses to get the depressing of the side button or the digital crown to be recognized by the Watch. In my experience, you need to get used to how to use the Watch buttons while using THE BUMPER or else you’ll have to do a lot of double pressing.

My only other complaint about Actionproof’s Watch bumper is that the paint on the black bumper was very easily scratched as soon as I tried putting it on my watch. A fingernail must have accidentally scratched the area that contained the orange paint and it doesn’t look that great anymore.

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Overall, however, THE BUMPER is a well-designed Apple Watch case that protects your beautiful investment while still allowing for full use of the screen, health sensors, digital crown, side button, microphone, and speaker. If you like the look of it, you’ll be hard-pressed to find another case that is so easy to install and is as lightweight that provides equal protection.  THE BUMPER comes in Black, Orange, and White and is available for preorder now for $35 and will be shipping very soon!

Source: Actionproof’s THE BUMPER for Apple Watch was provided to me as a review sample by the manufacturer.

What I Like: Attractive design; Allows access to all functions; Snug fit; Easy to install/remove; Lightweight; Great protection.

What Needs Improvement: Button presses weren’t recognized easily; Paint scratched off rubber too easily; Minor aesthetic flaws in rubber.

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