Phiaton MS 300 BA Hybrid Earphones Offer Great Sound at a Good Price

Phiaton isn’t a brand name when it comes to audio products. (It isn’t a brand name for any products actually.) It should be. Their headphones have consistently impressed me and their new Phiaton MS 300 BA Hybrid Earphones are no exception. They look good. They are comfortable. They sound good. And you can get them for under $100!


It’s difficult to review in-ear headphones. There are only so many designs possible and most all of them come with the same inserts: a carrying pouch and a few extra tips so you can get the right fit and seal.


The Phiaton MS 300 BA Hybrid Earphones come with: a carrying pouch and a few extra tips so you can get the right fit and seal. 🙂


Here’s what the company has to say:

“Experience your music as it was meant to be pure, sensuous and authentic. Phiaton’s Hybrid Dual Driver technology and its Low Frequency Pass Filters (LPF) combine to deliver exceptional acoustics, whether it’s the exhilarating rhythm of electronic bass, the soulful improvisation of a jazz sax, or the intoxicating vibrato of an operatic soprano. These comfortable lightweight earphones also feature in-line remote and microphone to let you manage phone calls, as well as a textured tangle-free cable. The MS 300 BA earphones give you the ultimate listening experience: music you can feel.”


The earphones cable is a thin but tough rubberized. It doesn’t tangle easily and I get the sense that it will hold up over time. The junctions where the cable meets the earphones and the plug aren’t overly reinforced but they do look and feel secure.

As the company explains:

“The textured cable helps to minimize cable tangling while the special design also helps to reduce cable touch noise. “Oxygen Free Copper” cables provide 99.99% purity helping to ensure a clean connection and minimal audio distortion.”


There is a one-button, inline microphone. It works well and gets the job done. It isn’t an impressive piece of tech but, as I said, it does what it needs to do.


The real magic happens in the actual in-ear monitors. They have an unusual shape, a cool, see-through design, and they sound great.


The Design and Fit:

The shell of the earpieces is transparent. That small design touch makes it possible for you to see the inner parts of Phiatons driver technology. And while it won’t be obvious to those who see you wearing the earphones- after all the transparent part is on the inside- you will know its there. It just adds to the cool factor of these earphones.

The fit is also worth mention. The earphones themselves are fairly large and the piece that fits into your ear comes off it at an angle. When I first took the earphones out of the box I didn’t think the design would be something I liked. I was wrong. The tip fits inside the ear canal and seals it off. The large part of the earphone sits in the well of your ear. It creates a secure fit and is amazingly comfortable.



The company notes that the MS 300 BA earphones offer, “hybrid dual driver earphones for refined, dynamic and unparalleled sound.” I have to say they hit the nail on the head. This isn’t just marketing speak but really does describe the experience of listening the the earphones. They sound crisp and clean. Highs are clear but not too high. Bass is full and rich but not overly done. No, these aren’t the earphones for bassheads but for the rest of us they will do just fine and then some. Yeah, I like these earphones!



  • HYBRID DRIVER: The warm depth of a dynamic driver combined with the detailed treble of a balanced armature driver provides your earphones rich, authentic sound. You’ll enjoy the best of your bass tones as well as crystal clear high frequency.
  • BALANCED ARMATURE DRIVERS: Experience high frequency tones like never before in an earphone. The balanced armature driver technology makes each vibrant note come alive, letting you hear all the textured nuances and precise details of your favorite classical, guitar, and string music.
  • DYNAMIC DRIVER LPF TECHNOLOGY (LOW FREQUENCY PASS FILTER): This specialized filtering process optimizes acoustics on your earphones by filtering out high frequency sound waves from the dynamic driver, letting the driver focus on low frequency precision and improved bass. This enables the hybrid driver to enhance sound quality along the entire frequency spectrum.
  • TRANSPARENT DESIGN: The transparent shell design allows you to view the inner parts of Phiatons driver technology.
  • TANGLE-FREE OVAL SHAPED CABLE: The textured cable helps to minimize cable tangling while the special design also helps to reduce cable touch noise. “Oxygen Free Copper” cables provide 99.99% purity helping to ensure a clean connection and minimal audio distortion.
  • MUSIC & CALL: The in-line remote control allows you to take charge of your music and answer calls, all with a touch of a button.


The Phiaton MS 300 BA Earphones are available on Amazon at a discounted price of just $99. At that price they are a great deal. They sound good, are comfortable and deliver pretty much everything the company promises they will.

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Source: Manufacturer supplied review sample

What I Like: Comfortable; Transparent case lets you see the tech; Tuned to offer crisp clean sound; Nice carrying case; Under $100.

What Needs Improvement: The cable is a bit thinner than many I have used in recent times.

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