Everyone’s Ears Are Different, and Even Earprint Headphones Knows This!

If you are sick of having your headphones not fit your personality and compromise your listening experience as a result, you might want to check out Even’s Earprint Earphones.


I had the opportunity to review the Even Headphones over the past few weeks, and they are certainly the most unique headphones on the market, and that’s a GOOD thing. Most headphones on the market try to give you the listening experience that they want you to hear, but what if my way of listening is different than yours? That’s the whole premise of Even’s headphones. The first of its kind, the Even headphones are tuned by you, for you, in order to allow you to enjoy an experience that’s designed to give you a much better experience, which is also beneficial to your ears.

Although the Even headphones do not come with their own fancy schmancy app that you have to install in order to cater to your needs, the Even uses a patented “Earprint” setup that you create yourself by simply tapping the headset’s included volume rocker when you can hear the music playing on your device. The sounds themselves depend on your ears and how closely you are listening, so you need to be certain you’re not in a loud room. Your ears will pick up the sounds of individually funky tunes playing in a loop, each going up a level until you have pressed to signify that you have heard them. Each tap gets you closer and closer to finalizing your Earprint, and how you will individually hear your music. The end result is a beautiful listen experience, if you followed the instructions correctly for each individual ear.

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The Even Headphones themselves are pretty sleek. The two-toned headphones come with one ear being white, the other being black, which little details going back to the differentials in what each ear can hear. The cable is nice and sturdy, and surprisingly does not tangle like my Apple headphones by any means. The included volume rocker showcases a play button as well as volume up and volume down, finalized with an “Even” power button that not only goes with your original setup, but toggles the “Earprint” feature on and off, perfect if you plan on sharing the headphones with a friend. It is also worth mentioning that the Even headphones have a microUSB port for charging them (because using the “Earprint feature does weigh on its own internal battery). A full charge took less than two hours, which is great if you can get beyond the fact you will be charging wired headphones. Some might forget to do so, but luckily even without the “Earprint” feature turned on, the audio quality is still listenable.

While testing the Even headphones, I used Kaytranada’s 99.9% album, which varies in ranges according to the track. I attempted to see how this software in the Evan would managed going from a bass heavy track such as “Drive Me Crazy”, to a more melodic and up tempo track such as “Breakdance Lesson N.1”. While I can’t say I witnessed anything different when it came to either track, I had to remind myself that the original setup process of the Even “Earprint” consisted with listening for individual bass-like sounds as they elevated.

Introducing Even in One Minute from Even Singular Sound on Vimeo.

So do the Even headphones have more of a bass-driven motivation and should you buy them? Certainly. At $149, I was expecting a bit more out of headphones that highlighted the ability to make you hear your audio more clearly. But while out and about, I felt as though the Even’s were a bit heavy when it came to the drums and snares to the point I actually thought I did something wrong by listening TOO closely for the sounds during my original setup process.

Overall, the Even Headphones do stand out in a crowd with their funky black and white color-way, and there even more comfortable looking 3.5mm covered cable which doesn’t look like it has a chance to fray. They come with three sets of ear-tips and a travel pouch so they won’t get damaged when throwing them in your bag, which is a nice touch. But for $149, I think it’s about $50 more expensive than is should be. If you’re into music with a little bit of thump to them though, these are certainly the pair for you, if you can get away from the small caveats.

If you’d like to learn more about the Even Earprint Headphones head over to Even today for more information!

Source: Manufacturer supplied review unit

What I Like: The overall headphone is pretty cool and the setup is very original.

What Needs Improvement: the headphone is very bass heavy, regardless of how you set the settings.

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