Logi BASE from Logitech Is a Smart Connecting Charging Stand That’s Super Smart

Logi BASE from Logitech is the first non-Apple iPad accessory I’ve tried  that uses the new iPad Pro Smart Connector. Not only does Smart Connector work with Apple’s keyboard case so you don’t need to pair via Bluetooth but it also can serve as a charging port. That what the Logi BASE does, and it is just the beginning.


Logitech explains the new accessory this way

Logi BASE uses Apple’s Smart connector technology to bring you a new charging experience. BASE gives your iPad Pro the perfect sport to recharge in any room of the house- and while you’re using it too. BASE has magnets in the charging cradle to perfectly align iPad Pro with the Smart Connector. The Smart Connector has a minimal profile that makes it effortless to place your iPad PR in the charging position. Just drop your iPad Pro on BASE and it begins to charge.

That’s exactly what it does.


The BASE is simple. Inside the box, you get the accessory and… That’s it.


It is a solid piece of aluminum that looks and feels substantial.


A soft material surrounding the charging area means your iPad doesn’t come into contact with the metal. That’s not the case where the upper portion of the iPad meets the top of BASE but I don’t see that presenting an issue. If you are concerned however I assume you can but some passing along the edge of BASE so the two are kept apart.


At the back of BASE is a Lighting port. Simply plug a USB to Lighting Connector Cable into it and, when the iPad is placed on BASE it begins to charge.


The bottom of the stand ships covered with some paper. When it is removed the paper reveals a tacky layer that will keep BASE in place on your nightstand, countertop or desk.


From there you simply use your iPad as you would when it is placed in landscape in any stand.

I can see numerous uses for BASE. Next to your bed it turns the iPad into a perfect bedside clock radio. In the kitchen, it lets you use the iPad for recipes or to watch video while cooking or cleaning. And on the desk, it lets you pair the iPad with a Bluetooth keyboard and use it like a laptop. (That’s what I’m doing as I write this review.) And when you need to take the iPad with you, you can simply grab the tablet and lift it off BASE. It is as simple as that.

Oh, and BASE is compatible with Apple’s silicon cases.


I am pretty psyched about this new product but I do see a few issues with it. First, if you don’t have the iPad I a case you will want to be careful about the point where iPad and BASE meet two-thirds of the way up the iPad. Second, BASE only works with iPad in landscape and it offers only one angle. It’s a good angle but it is the only one you get. Finally, BASE isn’t cheap. At $99 this is a premium accessory for your iPad. That noted… I’m really liking this new accessory and am thrilled to see what the Apple Smart Connector can begin to do as companies like Logitech begin to access it. Check it out here.

Source: Manufacturer supplied review sample of BASE

What I Like: Simple to use; Charges while letting you use the iPad; Easy to get the iPad in place and even easier to remove it and take it on the go

What Needs Improvement: Not inexpensive; Only one viewing angle; Upper part of BASE doesn’t have soft material to keep it away from the iPad’s back

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