Listen to the New Ghostbusters Theme Song Only If You Hate Yourself

Look, I know there’s a lot of drama around the reboot of “Ghostbusters”. It’s one of my favorite movies of all time; the first time I was floor manager at Borders, I ran around telling people “I AM THE KEYMASTER!” But I am beyond excited for the reboot too, because funny people+cool premise+good director=fun movie. But not the theme song. Never the theme song.


It’s not that I am deeply attached to the Ray Parker Jr version. I am all for it being modernized. But what illegal substance was the production crew on when they commissioned Fall Out Boy to cover the theme song, and did they replace Fall Out Boy’s instruments with Fisher Price versions? The whole thing is so discordant and uncomfortable sounding that I’ve only listened to it straight through once, and a coworker of mine barely lasted 30 seconds.

Don’t believe me? Listen for yourself (I WARNED YOU):

(The only redeeming part is Missy Elliot!)

Now that you’ve uncurled yourself from the fetal position, here’s a trailer of the movie to cleanse your palate and remind yourself that as bad as the song is, at least the actual movie includes Kate McKinnon being awesome!


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1 Comment on "Listen to the New Ghostbusters Theme Song Only If You Hate Yourself"

  1. What…did…I…just…hear? That is NOT music!

    My whole problem with this movie is that they are basically making it a cheap(but expensive) rip off of the original. I am ALL for making the team female, but this seems like they are just making them female just because…IE there’s no back story and no relation to the original at all. Except they take all of the same tools..proton packs and traps etc.

    What would have worked better is if Ray, Winston, Egon and Peter had kids and they had to rescue the family business and it was a continuation.

    Maybe I will pleasantly be surprised?? I hope so. I was with the Star Trek remake, but JJ didn’t do anything to disregard the prime universe. In fact, I hear other than the Anton Yelchin memorial that they will at lease mention the passing of Nimoy (aka Prime Spock) in Star Trek: Beyond. JJ did everything with a great respect. There are some that will dislike the JJ Abrams reboot but I am fine with it. Maybe I will be fine with this? I’d feel better if it had the same vibe but it doesn’t seem like it does. ESPECIALLY with this crappy cover of the Ray Parker theme.

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