Now You Can Truly Act Like a DJ with This New Party Pack

If you are an aspiring DJ but don’t know exactly how to go about starting your quest of being the party starter, you should be checking out a Dj set that will help you out.

Hercules, the leader in mobile and professional DJ equipment announced three unique DJ Party Packs to make sure you can always be the life of the party.

Offering up a complete and intuitive DJ controller the DJ Party Packs are ideal if you want to mix like a pro, even as a beginner.

The three “Party Packs” include the DJControl Instinct P8 Party Pack, the DJControl Instinct Party Pack, and the DJControl Air Party Pack. Each pack is unique in it’s own right, including their own party-focused design according to the setting.


Up first is the Instinct P8 party Pack ($129.99) creates an interactive light show while setting your mixes. The pack comes with eight multicolored pads, built-in audio and mix/remix features to make any big name DJ envy. Hercules even included eight light wristbands that sync to the music if you want to make your living room a rave.


Second up is the Instinct and Air Party Pack ($139.99) which the more psychedelic of the bunch, making giving you a light source built to heat up your parties.


If you decide you can’t choose which you’d like, you can actually combine the two which will cost you $169.99 respectively. Featuring the eight sensitive pads and the contactless air controls, you can bring life to your party in a major way, all while enhancing it with a unique atmosphere worthy of the best nightclub.

What are you waiting for? Stop standing by the speaker alternating tracks on your phone and get more involved with the tunes today with one of Hercule’s DJ Party Packs over at Hercules today.

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