A Pair of Earphones Are Going to Change How You Feel About Wearables

While some of you are out there soaking up the sun, on your run outdoors, some of us need a little bit more motivation other than Pokemon Go to get going; that’s where LifeBEAM has you covered.

LifeBEAM announced a Kickstarter campaign that only has a few days remaining onn their ‘first of its kind’ AI personal trainer, the Vi.


The Vi are a cutting edge pair of earphones that literally coach you as you go in real life, basing its knowledge from what it gathers from the user. Boasting aerospace-grade biosensors, and ergonomic design, the Vi grow with you over time with usage. And all you have to do is back the company with a $199 preorder. But there’s so much more to this campaign, like the ability to communicate with its user in real-time, with the ability to text you of things going on around you, or even to speak and encourage you while on a run.


If you plan on paying $200 for a pair of headphones that are supposed to learn from you, nine times out of ten you’ll want quality audio from it right? LifeBEAM has thought of this, which is why they partnered with Harman/Kardon who is known for their awesome audio products to bring you features such as:

  • An AI engine for personalized fitness insights
  • Integration with popular music services
  • Automatic Speech recognition for fitness activities
  • Compatibility with iOS and Android
  • Customized ear fitting
  • Battery power for a FULL day of activity.

These earphones certainly intrigue me and I cannot wait to try them on for size, but if you are interested in getting yourself a pair, you should head over to their Kickstarter campaign and get them for the special price of $199.

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