Styr Labs Tries for a True Fitness Ecosystem with Activity Tracking, Smart Scales, and Custom Vitamins!

Every company that’s remotely related to computing wants a piece of the fitness wearables business. There is a lot of data to be gleaned from activity levels, weight, and what we eat, and everyone thinks their solution is the one that will guide consumers to better health. Styr Labs has a creative plan that brings together activity tracking, weight management, and supplements, truly hitting the trifecta of hot trends in the fitness world!vitamins

Their system comes in a few different combinations; you can buy the fitness tracker/vitamins starter kit for $68, or the scale/protein starter kit for $78. It looks like there’s no combo pricing, so getting both would run you around $146, which is still half the price of the similar UA Healthbox. The companion Styr Labs app works with the scale and the tracker to help you determine your vitamin and protein needs, though it isn’t super clear from their site if the app tracks food intake for better accuracy. You can order the recommended vitamins and protein powders right from the app, and Styr says they can accommodate vegan and non-vegan dietary needs with their protein powders.

This is a really intriguing approach to fitness tracking, and on paper is a solid attempt to make it more holistic than just “walk 10,000 steps today”. It will be interesting to see how Styr develops, and whether this type of approach inspires others to try similar services.

In the meantime, the prices for each of the bundles are quite good, and the devices look slick in Styr’s promotional videos; hopefully they look and perform that well in person!

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