Ztylus Pencil Case Makes Apple Pencil More Pen and Pencily

I bought the smaller Apple iPad Pro for one primary purpose: I wanted to be able to use the Apple Pencil to create handwritten notes. But the Pencil is so long and thin that it gets uncomfortable. With this Ztylus Pencil Case that problem is solved. It’s an inexpensive iPad Pro accessory I know I’ll love.


Ztylus explains the issue noting that, “The Apple Pencil is the most advanced stylus on the market with a great minimalist design, but we feel that there is room for improvement!” They’re right and their Apple Pencil Case goes a long way toward improving “on this design to give better ergonomics and more features when using the Apple Pencil for extended periods of use.” It provides Apple Pencil with “full body protection, a built-in clip, and a spot to store the cap.” I’ve ordered one and thought I would take a few minutes to talk about why I’m so excited to get this accessory.


The first reason is rather obvious. The Apple Pencil is long and thin. It looks cool but, for someone with large hands like me, that thinness can be an issue if using the Apple Pencil for an extended period of time. The Pencil Case solves that by making the Apple Pencil feel more like you are holding a marker.


“The wide grip reduces strain and fatigue when using the Apple Pencil for long periods of time and it gives you more control than with the Apple Pencil alone. It is easily grasped by the hand, and the added weight allows for more balance and controlled use of the Apple Pencil. Easily increase your comfort and productivity with the Ztylus Pencil Case.”

But there’s more.

The case allows you to extend and retract the pencil. This keeps the tip of the pencil protected when you’re not using it but makes it available for use by simply twisting the case. It’s something that will be quite familiar to anyone who has used a retractable pen with a twist mechanism and, because of that, there’s really no learning curve.


“When you aren’t using the Apple Pencil, retract it into the case to protect the tip from accidental damage. You no longer have to worry about damaging your Apple Pencil when carrying it around. The Ztylus Pencil Case assures you complete, full-body protection while still maintaining that minimalist feel.”

There is a huge advantage to having something more easily held if you, like me, use your iPad Pro and Apple pencil to take handwritten notes during meetings. I use this when meeting with a couple I’ll be marrying or doing a funeral intake so it’s a serious productivity boon for me.


Then there are the small problems that are easily solved with an accessory like this.


I just had my iPad Pro and Apple Pencil with me during my travels in Israel. I used the pencil to take notes during some of our sessions but, when not using it, carefully placed it into my travel bag. It doesn’t have a clip so I was always worried that it might get lost or fall out if I wasn’t careful. The Pencil Case adds a functional clip that makes this a non-issue. When putting it into a bag I can clip it over a pocket inside my case or, once I’m back at work, I can use the clip to attach it to my shirt pocket or the pocket inside my suit jacket.

“The Apple Pencil Case’s integrated clip not only allows you to clip it onto your clothes or bag, but it also stops your Pencil from rolling away on smooth or angled surfaces.”

There’s another huge benefit to this accessory.

As you likely know, charging the Apple Pencil is done by removing a small white cap on the end and plugging it into your iPad or the included junction accessory that allows you to use a standard USB to Lightning Connector cable. It’s a simple means of charging the Apple Pencil but the cap is so small that it’s easily lost. Whenever I’ve been charging my Apple Pencil I’ve made sure to be incredibly careful that the doesn’t roll away or get lost. Despite this care though, I’ve had occasions where its rolled off the surface upon which I placed it and I’ve ended up having to crawl around on the floor looking for it. The clip on the Pencil Case allows you to place the cap on it when charging the Apple Pencil. That way it can’t get lost and you know exactly where it is once the Pencil is fully powered.


When charging the Apple Pencil, the cap is easily lost since there is no place to store it. The top of the integrated clip acts as a convenient storage spot for the cap so you don’t misplace it while charging. Now you can keep all the pieces together and avoid losing this irreplaceable part.


The Ztylus Pencil Case is just $29.95. Considering the cost of the iPad Pro plus the Pencil that’s an insignificant expense that adds a huge amount of productivity to an already great productivity tool. I can’t wait to get mine.

You can learn more about it here!

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