My @Starbucks Summer Blogger’s Box Is Filled With Delicious Summer Drinks

While the back to school sales are already in full force, the summer isn’t quite over. Starbucks sent me a Starbucks Blogger Package of delicious summer goodness that is perfect to enjoy the last weeks of the slow warm season. Let’s take a look at what was in this box!


Inside the blogger package was a collection of Starbucks Black Iced Coffee, Starbucks Iced Espresso, Starbucks Crème Brûlée flavored coffee K-Cups, TAZO unsweetened iced tea K-Cups, TAZO Chai Latte K-Cups and much more. The company also sent me a beautiful etched Siren mug, a serving tray that is perfect for serving Starbucks drinks out in the backyard, a Mason jar flower vase that allows me to display some of the flowers picked from our yard, a Starbucks fundamentals of brewing card which helps make sure you get the best tasting coffee each and every time and a recipe for delicious cinnamon tea cookies which is a perfect pair with the TAZO Tea.

Let’s do a semi-deep dive into some of the package contents that I particularly love.


First up is the Starbucks Etched Siren Mug. I’m really loving the Starbucks coffee accessories they sell. My plastic Starbucks cold cup with a lid and stray is a daily companion for me. Their mugs are also great. This one holds 12 fl oz. it is a tall-size ceramic mug with a slender shape and laser-etched Siren logo and it sells for just $7.95. As the company puts it,

Chase the chill away with warm sips from this modern white coffee mug. With its sizable handle, this ceramic mug fits nicely in the hand. Engraved on the top of the handle is the letter “T” for Tall. Laser-etched Siren logo on the front.

It is dishwasher and microwave safe.


Next up is the Starbucks Black Iced Coffee bottle. Starbucks now sells coffee ready to drink. One morning when I didn’t have time to brew my own coffee I grabbed one to drink in the car. It was a great, and delicious, way to get my morning caffeine fix! Check out the available products here.


Next are the Tazo Chai Latte K-Cup Pods. It you want a quick and delicious cup of Tazo tea this is a great way to go. The single serve K-Cups are convenient and the taste is… well tasty. Starbucks describes the tea this way,

Like a drive through an exotic marketplace, this blend of black teas will fill your senses while the sweet cinnamon, spicy ginger and fragrant cardamom flirtatiously grab the steering wheel to take you in another direction.

The cups are designed for use with the Keurig Single Cup Brewing System and provide a tasty brewed tea experience in less than a minute. They are available as back teas, ginger, cinnamon, black pepper, cardamom, close and star anise.


They also sent some TAZO unsweetened iced tea K-Cups in both Mango Green and Peachy Black.

The Mango Green serves up

Smooth green tea carves a bold path through a tropical forest, gliding along a lemongrass zipline and gathering ripe mangos on the way to a secret waterfall, ready to plunge leaf-first into its icy pool.

The Peachy Black is described this way:

Ripe peaches take an afternoon roll through the orchard, taking their sweet time to meet black tea on the patio. Crisp tea welcomes the fashionably late fruits and they linger into the evening under the soft shade of striped spearmint awnings.

Convenience and yum… What could be better.


Finally I am a fan of the Starbucks Creme Brûlée flavored coffee K-Cups. Once again you get the convenience of a one serving K-Cup. This time it delivers a drink where, “lighter-roasted coffee meets the rich flavors of custard and the caramelly notes of burnt sugar generously accented with vanilla.”

In all, the range of summertime drinks and accessories offered by Starbucks has something for every taste and style. Check them all out here.

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