BlendJet and JetPacks Let You Make Smoothies Anywhere, Anytime

A few years ago, Judie and I were at CES, and she turned me on to having a smoothie for breakfast. Most days since that time, I’ve done just that. Now, thanks to the BlendJet and JetPacks, I can have a delicious smoothy anywhere. With the company’s overpriced but delicious JetPacks, the process is even easier!

BlendJet and JetPacks Let You Make Smoothies Anywhere, Anytime

BlendJet was born out of a simple vision: Take the benefits of a blender on the go! We created a small power-machine that lets you make fresh smoothies, shakes, or baby food wherever you are. We wanted a convenient way to make fresh smoothies, protein shakes, and meal replacements on the go.

BlendJet and JetPacks Let You Make Smoothies Anywhere, Anytime

The BlendJet is a small, portable blender with a rechargeable battery. At just 3 x 3 x 9 inches, you can use it anywhere, and it is easy to store when not in use.

BlendJet and JetPacks Let You Make Smoothies Anywhere, Anytime

When the charge runs down, you simply plug in a micro USB cable and recharge it. The company says each charge is good for 10-12 uses, but I’ve found myself recharging it after about eight uses. Recharging the blender takes up to three hours.

BlendJet and JetPacks Let You Make Smoothies Anywhere, Anytime

It’s even available in a variety of fun colors.

BlendJet and JetPacks Let You Make Smoothies Anywhere, Anytime

From there, you simply add ingredients, turn it on for a minute and a half, shake and then drink.

As the company explains, the BlendJet is:

  • Simple and safe to use: Single-button operation makes this portable blender quick and easy to use. Built-in safety features prevent overheating and also ensure that the unit will not operate if components are improperly assembled.
  • Durable and built to last: Made from high-quality BPA free and food-grade materials, featuring a durable 6-point 304 stainless steel blender blade and 2000mAh battery powering a 5V motor, this powerful smoothie blender is not a toy.
  • Goes wherever you go: This compact, lightweight blender is ideal for tucking into a gym bag, briefcase, or purse, so you always have a healthy option wherever you are.

Creating a smoothie using the BlendJet takes just a few quick steps.

It comes partially charged so you can get instant gratification, but I suggest charging it fully before you use it the first time. After that, you add a liquid like water, milk, or juice, add your smoothy ingredients and turn it on.

If you are blending something a bit thick, you can hold the BlendJet upside down and allow the blades to reach maximum RPMs before turning it over and blending the ingredients. It’s powerful enough to blend ice!

Also, a built-in strainer makes sure you get the smoothest smoothie possible.

BlendJet and JetPacks Let You Make Smoothies Anywhere, Anytime

All of that couldn’t be easier, but BlendJet goes a step further by offering prepared JetPack mixes. Designed specifically for use wit the BlendJet, the JetPacks are single-serving pouch that, as the company explains, contain “the freshest antioxidant-rich fruits and veggies. These very nutritious and delicious ingredients were picked and harvested at peak ripeness and freeze-dried in an airtight packet to lock in all the flavors for a rich, creamy smoothie anytime, anywhere.”

JetPacks are:

  • Gluten-Free
  • GMO-Free
  • Vegan
  • A Good Source of Fiber
  • Have no Artificial Flavors
  • Have no Artificial Sugar

Current offerings include:

  • Tropical Blue: With our Tropical Blue JetPack, filled with real pieces of pineapple and mango, you’re just one blend away from vacation. Rounding out the relaxation vibes are coconut milk, banana, and blue spirulina, which gives this smoothie its vibrant color.
  • Banana Blueberry: You’ll open your Banana Blueberry JetPack to find whole blueberries and chunks of pineapple, serving up a classic berry flavor with a truly tropical twist. Banana adds the perfect touch of sweetness, and turmeric packs a tasty superfood punch.
  • Mocha Chia: Our Mocha Chia JetPack Ready-to-Blend Smoothie is a sweet pick-me-up. It tastes like an iced hot chocolate. Made from cocoa, coffee, date, chia seeds, and almonds, this smoothie is seriously creamy when blended with water, and even more decadent when blended with your favorite milk product. This will be your new favorite guilt-free treat.
  • Green Peach Ginger: Inside of your Green Peach Ginger JetPack, you’ll find real chunks of perfectly ripe peaches, mangoes, and ginger. A hint of banana creates the perfect amount of sweet, and the ginger serves up an invigorating kick. The vibrant green color comes from a pinch of spinach.
  • Mango Matcha: Our Mango Matcha JetPack is loaded with antioxidant-rich matcha green tea goodness that’s sure to keep you energized all day. As if that’s not enough, we’ve paired it with a tropical trio of real pieces of mango and pineapple plus a hint of banana. It’s a matcha made in heaven.

The nutritional value of each blend is slightly different.

You can learn more about the nutritional content of each JetPack here.

I received a sample of each flavor with the BlendJet review unit, and I have been impressed by how tasty each one is; they are as delicious as they are convenient. The only issue is that each JetPack is $3.95. That’s a bit pricier than I would hope, and it helps make a good case for making your smoothies from scratch. Still, the JetPacks is an excellent combination of flavors, and the convenience can’t be beaten.

I shot a quick video of the BlendJet in action. Take a look.

The BlendJet is great for anyone who loves smoothies. (And who doesn’t love smoothies?!) At an MSRP of $79.95, I can’t recommend it, but at the current price of $39.95, I think it is worth grabbing one in your favorite color. Yes, the JetPacks are overpriced, but you don’t NEED to use them to appreciate the BlendJet. Get one and bring it to your next picnic or barbecue; you won’t regret it.

The BlendJet is on sale now for $39.95; it is available directly from the manufacturer

Source: Manufacturer supplied review sample of the BlendJet and JetPacks

What I Like: Simple to use; Works anywhere; Does a good job of making smoothies on the go; Runs for 8-12 smoothies before needing to be recharged; Easy to clean

What Needs Improvement: JetPacks are too expensive; BlendJet recharges via micro USB and takes up to three hours

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