Tinkerbots Announces a Set of Robots for Kids

CES 2017 isn’t all about the adults with a tech addiction! German Startup Tinkerbots is looking to introduce a new product for the kids (and kids at heart) to enjoy: robots for kids!

Tinkerbots Announces a Set of Robots for Kids

After introducing themselves to the United States at the Toy Fair in new York in 2016, Tinkerbots announced several educational toys here at CES 2017, including their entry-level “My First Robot” is designed for kids 6 and up to bring their imagination to life. By creating and controlling your own one-of-a-kind robots, or other gizmos, Tinkerbots robot designers can start by using multi-functional motion modules using Tinkerbots Cubies and even LEGO or Mega Bloks for unique shapes and figures making robotic movement.

Tinkerbots Announces a Set of Robots for Kids

Tinkerbots is an easy to use robotic set that is available in three kits – Wheeler set, Advanced Builder Set and Sensoric Mega Set. With a price of $119, the Tinkerbots is focused on enabling children to have fun with remote-controlled cars as well as other moveable robots. Each of the three sets comes with the Powerbrain, which is the first portion of any robot which transmits information to the “body” of the robot making the other modules even more fun with continued use. With more models coming down the pike, the “My First Robot” can create animals, cars, machines, and a host of other mechanical contraptions that your child will love.

Tinkerbots is a true Indiegogo success story and our founder Leo Oschütz’s original vision of developing a ‘dream-machine’ has become a reality, allowing literally anyone to be a mechanical engineer and create their own robots, vehicles and machines,” said newly appointed CEOAdrienne Fischer. “From the beginning, we’ve developed, produced and assembled Tinkerbots’ futuristic building kits locally in Germany. It has been fascinating to see the cool robots and concepts kids here have come up with, and we’re thrilled to see what else will be invented by children around the world as we continue to expand.”

“My First Robot” by Tinkerbots available now online at Tinkerbots.com.

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