HTC’s Viveport Brings New Life to the Virtual Reality Market

If you currently own HTC’s Vive’s VR headset, you’ll be happy to know that the popular company has finally announced their HTC Viveport app store for all Vive-compatible gear and gadgets.


The app store itself, available for over thirty different countries around the world to get new media, explore, create, connect and consume content that they love. Prior to Viveport being available, you could only download apps from Valve’s Steam store, so now that this new app store is available, the possibilities are endless. Since it integrates into the Vive Home VR hub, featured sports, news and travel content is available for consumption now.

“We believe Viveport is the place where customers will start their journey into new virtual experiences,” said Rikark Steiber, President of Viveport. “Now, fans in over 30 countries will join us on a fantastic voyage, as they get to experience amazing VP apps published by the best content creators in the industry.”


As of today, Viveport has launched the first batch of content and they all look interesting. The content includes: Everest VR, Google Spotlight Stories’ Pearl, Lifeliqe, Stonehenge VP, The Music Room, an all-new edition of theBlu and many more.

“Vive is a leader in VR and we’re excited about the Viveport release, as we bring a new version of theBlu to VR fans everywhere”, says Neville Spiteri, CEO of Wevr. “We can’t wait to see new and existing customers try out theBlu, Gnomes and Goblins, and some exciting upcoming titles on Viveport.”

With over 300 items in on Stream, not including what is currently available on Viveport, the future is bright for the HTC Vive, and if you’ve been looking for a reason to jump into the fray of virtual reality, there’s no time like the present. For more information regarding the HTC Viveport, you can head over to their site today.

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