Nomad’s Latest Trio of Cables Are Tough and MFi Certified

Nomad is a favorite over here at Gear Diary, so it’s great to know that the popular brand has just announced a few new products that you should check out!


Announced today, Nomad has released a series of three cables for iPhones, as well as a few other devices and they gave us an opportunity to try out all three! Built to withstand everyday use and the infamous “fraying cable” that we all dread, all three of Nomad’s newest cables feature a 4x strength Kevlar core, 2x thick PVC jacket, and a pretty awesome nylon sheath that contains everything.

First up is the battery cable, which is a 5 ft. MFi Certified lightning cable that has an integrated 2350 mAh that will completely charge your new iPhone 7 on the go. This came through in the clutch for me while at a Walking Dead viewing party. My phone basically hit 20% without me noticing, and although I forgot the brick to my charger I was able to charge up without a hitch. Another upside is the fact that the battery line passes through charging, so if you do plug it into a wall your phone will be the first thing to charge.

The battery cable only costs $39.95.


Next is the universal cable ($34.95). A friend of mine told me how much they love Nomad products, but wanted to see them give a little love to the Android users. Apparently Nomad listened and has released the universal 5 ft. long micro USB cable with added attachments for Lightning and USB-C devices. So if you carry more than one, this is the one you should get for sure.


Finally there is the 5 ft. Nomad lightning cable which gets plenty of use from me. A standard MFi Certified lightning cable, I started using this cable exclusively in my living room, because I’ve grown tired of having a cable that is “too short”. A five foot long cable makes it easy to charge up my iPhone or iPad while on the couch, and not feel like I have to tug at the cord to extend it a few inches like Apple’s standard cable that comes in the box, and it’s only a couple dollars more at $29.95.

All three of Nomad’s cables are available today on Nomad’s site, and you can head there through this link.

Source: Manufacturer supplied review unit

What I Like: All three cables will hold up over time and look pretty stylish.

What Needs Improvement: Nothing

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