Get Yourself a Truly Wireless Listening Experience with Skybuds

If you are looking for a truly wireless experience to your audio, you should really be checking out Alpha Audiotronic’s Skybuds.

Announced today, I’ve actually been testing out the Skybuds for the past few weeks, and compared to brands like the Bragi Dash, the Skybuds are everything you want to get the best listening experience, without the hassle of cables. Featuring four hours of on the go listening, the Skybuds I tested out can easily last you through your favorite podcast or playlist. From the packaging down to the actual earbuds themselves, you can tell that Alpha Audiotronics made it a mission to show that they mean business.

The Skybuds ($249.99) themselves are two individual in-ear buds that do not require wires but come with about four hours of battery life, and you can get an additional 24 hours courtesy of the dock charging case that comes bundled. They’ve also included three sets of tips, the Skydock which your Skybuds sit in for charging, and a USB cable for charging both the dock and the earbuds.

There’s even a pretty nifty app for Android and iOS that you can use that shows you how much battery life is on each individual earphone which is a pretty nifty feature. Also in the app, you can set up the headphones, as well as search for missing Skybuds. Unlike the Bragi Dash that I really love is the fact that the Skybuds actually feature Near-Field Magnetic Induction, or NFMI connectivity, which is the strongest in the wireless headphone market. What does this mean? Basically, you won’t have to worry about which pocket or how far your phone is away from the Skybuds, so there will be less cutouts and disjointed connectivity. What’s more, you can actually use the Skybuds for phone conversations like any other wired headphone with in-line controls.

“Wireless earbuds have typically come with all kinds of tradeoffs and compromises,” said Jamie Roberts Seltzer, CEO and co-founder, Alpha Audiotronics. “Skybuds let users have it all with powerful function, versatility and design, without sacrificing a premier listening experience. Every element of Skybuds’ truly wireless earbuds was intentionally designed, so whether you’re streaming music at the gym, joining a conference call or jumping on a plane, Skybuds fit wherever your life takes you. Our truly wireless technology not only show the evolution of audio experiences, but also the immersive and endless possibilities of combining audio and connectivity in your ear.”


I love the Skybuds and it’s a WELCOME addition to the wireless earphone market. Listening to the music for three solid hours, I did not notice any hiccups while listening to my favorite podcasts.


Did I mention how discreet the headphones look in your ear? I comfortably had my phone in my pocket, and Skybuds in my ear while walking around the office undisturbed. I would easily recommend the Skybuds to anyone looking for a great pair of earphones that not only sound great, but the battery will last you through a gym workout, a plane flight, or just casual discreet listening in the office.


For more information about the Skybuds, head over to their site today.

Source: Manufacturer supplied review unit

What I Like: Sweat-proof, battery life for completely wireless is good at four hours, and do not cut out

What Needs Improvement: Expensive at $249.99

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