Personalize Your Living Space with the Nanoleaf Aurora Lighting System

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Personalize Your Living Space with the Nanoleaf Aurora Lighting System Listen to this article

If you love design, and you want a unique way to light your living space, then you should look at the nanoleaf Aurora. As they say, “it’s not light, it’s living paint.” The panel pieces snap together like LEGOs, so you can create a design you like and light your room beautifully.


Launching nationwide at Best Buy in October for $199.99, the nanoleaf Aurora is “inspired by self-expression and freedom of control for the user.”

It is a fixtureless RGBW color changing and tunable white light that can be customized any way to make your space your home.

You can “use the app or voice control to choose from over 16 million different color options and an infinite amount of customizations.” With the Aurora, you can “build a personal lighting experience from scratch”, and design something that you enjoy looking at while it lights your living or office space.

ThermoWorks Thermapen Mk4

This is a cool idea; I want one! 🙂

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