Get a More Functional Coffee Table with NextDesk’s Latest Innovation

Face it, a lot of us sit at our desks way too much throughout the day, and according to many experts out there it’s bad for us. If you’ve ever looked at standing desks, you might be familiar with a company by the name of NextDesk, who came on the scene attempting to change the way we do our day-to-day in the office. But what about at home?


Seems as if NextDesk is attempting to revolutionize the way we function at home as well! Did you know that on average in the US we spend roughly four hours just sitting in the living room? To be honest, I know I do between Plex, Netflix and NBA 2k, I can double that on a weekend. So when NextDesk announced a new piece of HOME furniture that will truly change the way you live in your living room, I was instantly interested. Saying that to say this… welcome the NextDesk Flex.


The world’s first power transforming table, the NextDesk Flex is everything you wanted your coffee table to do for you and more. The all-in-one table is not only a coffee table, but it can function as a couch desk, computer desk, standing desk, work desk, end table, dining table, hobby table, gaming table… I think I’d need a table of contents to tell you how many functions this thing has, and it does it all literally with the push of a button.


Instantly converting your living room into a multipurpose space, you can actually burn calories just by standing up. So imagine being at home after work and you’re able to play video games standing up (and not just when you miss the first down conversion in Madden), or  even when you’re eating dinner in front of the television you can stand there while watching The Walking Dead. Adjusting in over 200 heights, the Flex can go from a sitting position to a standing position to meet every need that you might have, for any activity you normally do in your home. It’s completely wireless too, so you won’t have some unsightly cable sitting in your living room underneath a carpet thanks to the rechargeable battery that will work for up to two weeks without charging. And with a cantilevered base that slides, under any couch or chair, you can maximize your leg room by hiding it whenever you need to.

Available in six finishes and three frame colors, you should start saving some space in your home today and get yourself a NextDesk Flex ($599) today.

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