Your Keys Have a Continuing Mission to Keep Organized with the Keysmart Pro with Tile

I am a bit of a packrat when it comes to keys; I’m always afraid I won’t have the right ones at the right time. I’m also a lifelong Trekkie, so when my key packrat tendencies had a chance to pair up with Star Trek, I jumped at the chance to do a review! Enter the Keysmart Pro with Tile — with a bonus Star Trek design!

Your Keys Have a Continuing Mission to Keep Organized with the Keysmart Pro with Tile

There are two main components to the Keysmart Pro experience: the Tile and the Keysmart itself. The concept behind the Keysmart is pretty simple — you have two pieces held together by screws that hold all your keys, so they aren’t bouncing around like crazy in your pockets.

Keysmart helpfully provides spacers, so if your keys are different sizes or otherwise uneven, you can balance out both sides. It’s easy to swing out the key you need without disturbing the other keys, and Keysmart also thoughtfully throws in a bottle opener as well, because what better way to celebrate not losing your keys than with a bottle opener?

Your Keys Have a Continuing Mission to Keep Organized with the Keysmart Pro with Tile

The other feature of the Keysmart, besides making your keys compact, is that it integrates Tile for easy tracking. If you’re the type to wonder where you left your keys (or, say, your bottle opener — we don’t judge, especially right now), you just fire up the Tile app, and it will show you where you left your keys; it will also make your keys sing a little tune so you can find them under your shoes or wherever you forgot them.

Using the Tile feature does require that you charge your keys once every other month or so; Keysmart says the battery should last 45 days, and it uses a micro-USB port, so chances are you have plenty of chargers.

Presumably, the exact battery life depends on how often you make the Tile sing you to your keys or how often you use the little novelty flashlight included on the Keysmart. I called it a novelty because while it might help you find a lost fry in the back of your car, it’s not really that powerful; if you carry a smartphone, you’ve already got a much better flashlight available to you.

Your Keys Have a Continuing Mission to Keep Organized with the Keysmart Pro with Tile

Style-wise, the Keysmart Pro is really impressively designed. There’s a little sketch of the Enterprise on one side, and the Star Trek logo with the wise and comforting visage of Captain Picard on the other. Putting it together is easy, and the screw has a deep and long groove, so you can take it apart with coins if you don’t have a screwdriver handy.

The Keysmart Pro fits all my keys nicely except my car key, and there’s a thoughtful loop on the top of the Keysmart to attach oddball-sized keys and barcode tags for my gym. Before Keysmart, I felt vaguely weird about carrying so many keys, but keeping them all organized makes it far easier.

Also, now I can rub it in my brother’s face that I’ll never drive 3 hours only to discover I don’t have the keys to our parents’ home — though, to be fair, based on the description of my future sister-in-law’s reaction, it’s not a mistake my brother plans to make again.

Admittedly, it’s a hard sell to argue that it’s worth spending $60 on a keyring, but it’s one of those devices where if the utility works for you, the price won’t be an obstacle.

Your Keys Have a Continuing Mission to Keep Organized with the Keysmart Pro with Tile

The Star Trek special edition Keysmart Pro sells for $59.99, and it is available directly from the manufacturer

Source: Manufacturer provided review sample

What I Like: Holds keys in an organized fashion; integrates Tile tracking; Captain Picard makes everything better.

What Needs Improvement: Expensive; requires you to utter the phrase “I have to go charge my keyring now.”

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