Revogi’s Smart Home Products Are Affordable & Work Flawlessly

Home automation is something that either you love or love to hate, but ultimately as the world gets more smart, so should your home. And there are over 100 companies attempting to offer it up to you. One, for example, is Revogi and we had the opportunity to test some of their smart home products.

Revogi's Smart Home Products Are Affordable & Work Flawlessly

Revogi is world-renowned for their tech products and they have been producing products to make your home more efficient before Apples HomeKit was a “thing”. They send me a few of their products, their smart Revogi Delite 2 Light bulb and smart outlet to check or and incorporate into my ever-growing smart home and the pair are great!

Revogi's Smart Home Products Are Affordable & Work Flawlessly

While the products themselves do not work in tandem with Apple’s own “HomeKit”, nor will it work with the popular SmartThings, Revogi’s products work primarily through the company’s own app which is free in the App Store.

The first product, the Revogi Delite 2 is a simple light bulb which works like any other light bulb on the market. The smart LED bulb plugs into your existing light fixture and works directly out of the box, no hub necessary. It would worth mentioning that if you do not have smart light switches, the bulb itself is deemed useless if someone turns the physical switch off. When the switch is on of course, the light bulb works similar to the Phillips Hue. Using the Revogi app, you can actually change from a variety of colors using the smart dial giving you “hues” of yellows, greens, blues and others giving you room a unique look depending on the look you are going for.

Revogi's Smart Home Products Are Affordable & Work Flawlessly

Lastly there is the Revogi Smart Outlet which is everything you’d expect of its name. It leaves a remarkably smaller footprint than its competitors when plugged into an existing outlet, leaving just enough room to plug-in a second plug or brick above or below which is excellent. Similar to the Delite 2, the Smart Plug will work primarily through the app, giving you the option to create scenes and triggers directly from the app. Since the app is obviously connected to a hub, and relies on Bluetooth connectivity, Revogi’s products will only work when in close proximity to the products. Quite a bummer if you ask me but if you can get over that little bit and only plan on using it while in the home.

If there was anything I could ask of Revogi is to possibly consider compatibility with one of the major brands allowing it to not only connect via a Hub like an AppleTV or other Hub so you can turn devices on and off while away from the home. Other than that, the products work as you’d expect and leaves dare I say do the same functions those bigger names do at a fraction of the price.

Overall, if those other brands prices scare you away and you just want an introduction to the smart home life, you’ll be hard pressed to find a brand whose products and app work as seamless as Revogi’s.

For more information please head over to Revogi’s site today. 

Source: Manufacturer supplied review unit

What I Like: Price is less than competition and serves the same functions

What Needs Improvement: Not compatible with HomeKit or SmartThings

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