Kenwood Wants to Help You Avoid Collisions with Its Combo Car Camera

KENWOOD, known mostly for their car audio products are making their case of branding out far and wise here at CES 2017 with their Combo Camera for your automobile.

Kenwood Wants to Help You Avoid Collisions with Its Combo Car Camera

At Showstoppers 2017, Kenwood showcased their second dash camera the DRV-N520. Joining their standalone, monitor equipped DRV-410 is the smaller DRV-N520, which is intended to pair with Kenwood’s popular DMX7704S multimedia receiver to record, as well as attempt to avoid collisions.

Featuring a high-resolution, wide-angle camera that records 3MP photo quality, the DRV-N520 leaves a small footprint inside of your vehicle all while giving you the ability to record your driving experience courtesy of a removable 8gb SD card. But the combo camera goes to the lengths of even measuring the distance and velocity between it and the car or obstacle in front of its view. With this being the case you can trigger a collision warning to the driver if it senses you are too close and can possibly get into a crash, or even notify the driver in stopped traffic if the vehicle in front has started to move.

The DVR-N520 is more than just a dash camera, in some cases it can be a lifesaver. With its notifications and camera view on the receiver, Kenwood is hoping to not only protect the driver and their passengers, but surrounding cars be avoiding possible impacts and collisions. Starting at $200, the DRV-N520 is around the same price as the DRV-410. For more information about either, you can head over to Kenwood’s site.

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