Aura Air Will Make Sure Your Room’s Air is Safe and Clean

Aura Air Will Make Sure Your Room's Air is Safe and Clean

The Aura Air is a device that monitors, filters, and disinfects the air in a room up to 860 square feet. Shown at CES, the Aura Air will be launching  Kickstarter on January 22, 2019.

An all-in-one indoor air purification and quality intelligence system, Aura Air is the first product of its kind, filtering and disinfecting indoor air through a unique five-stage purification process while vigilantly monitoring air quality in real-time.

Aura Air Will Make Sure Your Room's Air is Safe and Clean

Aura Air says that indoor air quality can be as much as five times more polluted than outside air, and that makes sense when you think of all the dust, pollution, pet hair, dirty HVAC vents, and temperature fluctuations that occur inside. Aura Air will monitor (and filter!) air in a single room; it sends immediate alerts to your phone when issues are found, but even better — it will provide “crucial insight into the origin of the problem, solutions of how to rectify it, and alarms if immediate action or evacuation is required. The technology also monitors outdoor air quality and is compatible with other third-party devices to provide a holistic picture of what is happening in real-time inside and out.”

At Aura Air, we believe the act of breathing should be as nature intended. Clean, pure and simple. Breathing is the foundation of life. Every person deserves fresh clean air to rejuvenate their body without committing a second thought, and Aura Air gives people peace of mind, giving them an unprecedented opportunity to understand what they are breathing and how they can remain safe.” – Aviad Shnaiderman, Aura Air CEO and co-founder.


Aura Air Will Make Sure Your Room's Air is Safe and Clean

Purifiers and sensors do half the job. Aura Air tells you what’s going on with your air, purifies it, and even functions as a certified regulatory carbon monoxide and smoke detector unit.

Aura Air

  • Filters and disinfects air through a unique 5-stage purification process
  • Monitors air quality in real-time, providing indoor and outdoor air quality updates
    • Reports indoor levels of smoke, CO, CO2, VOC’s, PM2.5/PM10 and LPG
    • Reports outdoor levels of AQI, CO, PM2.5/PM10, O3, NO2, pollen
  • Provides smart alerts on toxin levels and present hazards, including notifying users if evacuation is needed
  • iPhone and Android compatible with IoT integrations
  • Covers a total area up to 860 square feet
  • Can be mounted on walls or ceiling

Aura Air Will Make Sure Your Room's Air is Safe and Clean

Aura Air’s Kickstarter campaign will begin January 22 and continue until the end of March 2019. Aura Air will be available for pre-sale beginning in April, and it will be shipping by the end of August this year. To learn more, visit their site.

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