Moto X Is $100 Off for 16 GB & $125 off for 32 GB & 64 GB Versions Until July 23

Sure the Moto X Android smartphone seems like it’s perpetually on sale, so I cannot say if you miss this current “sale” of $100 off a 16 GB (no contract) or $125 off a 32 or 64 GB that the deal will be lost forever. What I can tell you is that this is one rock-solid piece of Android.

At $299 for an off-contract near skinless device, you’d be crazy to overlook it.


Yes the screen is about average at 4.7″, and rumors are floating of an X+1 model soon. But for those needing an immediate replacement – it’s tough to beat these perpetual off-contract deals.  (Note to Microsoft: Why aren’t you doing this with your Lumia line, instead of trying to hawk them for $599 which nobody is going to pay).


The Moto X deal (“expires” on 7/23/14)  is as follows:

The 16 GB (pick your own color and design) starts at $299.99 – zero contract, $100 less than its normal price.

32GB Moto X is now going for $324.99, while the 64GB is $374.99.

To take advantage of this offer order a Moto X through Moto Maker before July 23, and once you’ve added the handset to your cart use promo code “MBXISMOT”.

MotoMaker and our review of Moto X

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