A Review of the Incase Level Case for the iPhone 7 Plus

The Incase Level Case for the iPhone 7 Plus ($49.95) is a shock-absorbing bumper case that’s not only original but adds to the beauty of Apple’s latest flagship phone. We had an opportunity to check out the case, and it’s personally a favorite.

A Review of the Incase Level Case for the iPhone 7 Plus

To be completely honest, I don’t think there’s an Incase iPhone 7 Plus case I haven’t enjoyed. Compared to others on the market, Incase tries their hardest to make their cases not only form-fitting to the iPhone itself, but all the while giving your particular case a bit of flair that you might not see the person next to you on the subway have on theirs. I received the Navy colored Level Case for the larger Matte Black iPhone 7 Plus of mine, and I haven’t taken it off in a week (and that’s different). It also comes in four other colors including two different variations of black, and a white or gold option.

A Review of the Incase Level Case for the iPhone 7 Plus

Available in four colors, there’s something a bit special about the navy. It could be the cool metallic looking back to the case, or the odd yet original design of the camera cutout showcasing the matte black, and happens to be the largest cutout on the entire case, other than the mute switch and the lightning port.

A Review of the Incase Level Case for the iPhone 7 Plus

The Level case itself is shock-absorbing which means it will withstand a waist height drop and still function, but what made the case special to me was the raised lip on the front that can protect from it hitting the ground on its edges.

The lightning port is wide enough to fit all standard and some other cables which is always a good idea, especially for someone who’s Apple cables last only a few months before fraying.

In terms of in-hand use, the Level case is surprisingly grippy, and I feel comfortable using it with one hand, even for a large phone. The only thing I wish it had were a kickstand. Despite that, the Level Case is my current everyday iPhone 7 Plus case, at least until they make the ICON II case for the larger iPhone 7.

For more information on the Level case for the iPhone 7 Plus, head over to INCASE today.

Source: Manufacturer supplied review unit

What I Like: Nice grip; Metallic look is awesome

What Needs Improvement: Nothing

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