Native Union Wants to Pair Your Phone to Its Dock!


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A personal favorite company of mine, Native Union announced today their minimalistic charging line, with a host of new colors!
Native Union Wants to Pair Your Phone to Its Dock!
Native Union finally announced that their popular DOCK SERIES for the Apple Watch as well as for the iPhone and iPad will now be available in a midnight blue with gold brushed metal, or a stone color with rose gold brushed metals. These new colors will completely round out the finishes to your Apple Watch or smart device when it needs to be docked to charge.

Fabien Nauroy, Head of Design at Native Union comments:

“Customers love our charging docks as not only are they incredibly functional, but their minimal design doesn’t take away from the beauty of your Apple Device, it accentuates it. When it came to creating new colors for the range, we wanted to stay true to this understated approach and expertly matched the silicone and metal components with the gold and rose gold finishes of your Apple Watch, iPhone or iPad. The result makes an impact, but retains the same level of refinement and style that exists in all our products.”

Native Union Wants to Pair Your Phone to Its Dock!
If you read our review of the DOCK For the Apple Watch($59.99), you’ll know that it sits your watch in one of two positions, either buckled or unbuckled securely. With the DOCK’s ability to sit horizontally, you can easily use the nightstand mode as the perfect alarm clock.Native Union Wants to Pair Your Phone to Its Dock!
The DOCK Lightning ($49.99) series on the other hand can easily sit on your nightstand or in your office and elegantly charge up your iPhone or iPad in a stable position, courtesy of the aircraft grade aluminum with the weighted silicon base, leaving no worry of the dock maneuvering in any way.

Available now, you can head over to Native Union today and get both of them!

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